US economy

Alan Greenspan: US economy is “out of whack”

Guru watch
Alan Greenspan, former head of the Federal Reserve, says the US economy is heading towards stagflation.

Expect more US interest-rate rises

The odds of the US Federal Reserve having to raise US interest rates quickly are rising.

Protect your wealth from the growing inflation threat

Will the Federal Reserve slay inflation? Given the mid-term elections in the US this year, it seems unlikely. That’s why you should make sure you own some gold.

What the US housing market reveals about future inflation

Where the US economy leads, the world often follows. And right now, the US housing market is booming again. Here’s what that means for inflation and for you.

Comey plays a dangerous game

Light on news, heavy on insults – why did the fired FBI director write his book? Emily Hohler reports.

Trump takes on Amazon

Big Business may be powerful, says Matthew Lynn. But when it comes to taking on the Big State, it will lose every time as Amazon will find out.

Nouriel Roubini: Trade wars are a negative sum game

Investing guru Nouriel Roubini reckons that if America launches a trade war, there won’t be any winners.

US businesses on borrowing binge

US households are notorious for racking up debt, but companies are not far behind.

FBI raids Donald Trump’s “fix-it guy”

Michael Cohen is the keeper of Trump’s secrets. Are they about to be exposed? Emily Hohler reports.

The biggest threat to markets from a trade war

A trade war with China might be a vote-winner for Donald Trump, but there are unlikely to be many winners, says John Stepek. Investors should plan accordingly.

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