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The US has just voted to blow its budget

Steven Mnuchin, US Treasury secretary © Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The US might be politically divided. But both parties clearly now agree on one big issue – government spending, and plenty of it, is a good thing. John Stepek explains why this is so important for investors.

Paul Volcker: the US is in a "hell of a mess"

Paul Volcker, former chair of America’s central bank, isn’t happy about the state of the USA.

Markets slump as the central bank liquidity flood recedes

As central-bank largesse comes to an end, stocks are starting to look very highly valued indeed. Marina Gerner reports.

Betting on politics: a Senate battle in Arizona

This week, Matthew Partridge looks at Arizona, one of the key battlegrounds for the control of the US Senate.

Betting on politics: A congressional fight in Texas

The fight over the Texas 31st district is heating up. Matthew Partridge takes a look at the contenders.

Kavanaugh tips Supreme Court right

The US Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh amid one of the most bruising political encounters in recent memory.

Sound and fury over Nafta

Little changed despite the ill-tempered negotiations. Matthew Partridge reports.

Ten years on, the debt bubble is bigger than ever

Ten years after a financial crisis caused by too much debt, the world has an even higher debt load.

Trump ups the stakes in China trade war

The dispute over tariffs could be a foreshadowing of something far worse. Emily Hohler reports.

Is the Federal Reserve really worried about inflation?

The Federal Reserve, America’s central bank, is slowly raising interest rates. But that doesn’t mean it’s going after inflation, says John Stepek. It may have other targets in mind.

The biggest economic change in the last ten years that no one talks about

Fracking for oil has made the US energy independent. Its effects have spread far beyond the energy markets, says John Stepek, shifting the global economy’s balance of power.

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