US economy

Inflation is picking up in the US – and there’s more to come

At first, stocks reacted entirely predictably to the higher-than-expected inflation data from the US, says John Stepek. And then, something else happened.

Battle of memos obscures Russia probe

Did the FBI abuse its power in its investigation of Russian meddling? Emily Hohler reports.

A too-warm welcome for new Fed chief Jerome Powell

Jerome Powell, who was sworn in as chief of America’s Federal Reserve this week, faces a baptism of fire.

US versus China dominates Davos

If “the future is e-commerce”, that may be an issue for both countries. Emily Hohler reports.

In praise of President Trump

Donald Trump may be a boorish ignoramus, says Matthew Lynn, but he may be doing some good in the White House.

Democrats blink first in shutdown row

Donald Trump was swift to claim victory this week as the US government got back to work.

US stocks shrug off the government shutdown

Last week Congress failed to approve a bill to continue funding government operations. But US equities have largely ignored the fuss, hitting yet more record highs.

Betting on politics: Steer clear of Oprah

The notion of a President Oprah has been raised. But it’s not a bet worth taking, says Matthew Partridge.

Trump lashes out at Africa

President Donald Trump’s latest outburst has triggered a “fierce backlash” from astonished world leaders.

What the weakening US dollar means for markets

The pound has hit its highest level against the dollar since the Brexit vote. But as John Stepek explains, that says more about the dollar than it does about sterling.

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