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Betting on politics: Some good bets on the US mid-terms

The mid-term elections in the US may be drawing closer, says Matthew Partridge – but their are still some good bets to be had.

Betting on politics: more US Senate contests

This week, Matthew Partridge weighs the odds on who will win the US Senate races in Michigan, Texas and Mississippi.

Trump trains his guns on the Federal Reserve

US president Donald Trump has publicly criticised the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate increases, complaining that plans for more rises risk upsetting the booming economy.

Betting on politics: US midterm elections

In less than four months’ time, America will go to the polls across the country in the midterm elections. Matthew Partridge weighs the odds on the possible winners.

Get ready for a US “wage explosion”

US inflation is rising fast. Wages have not kept pace – but it’s only matter of time. John Stepek explains what a “wage explosion” would mean for investors.

Trump’s unpredictable European tour

Nerves are jangling ahead of the Nato summit and a meeting with Putin. Emily Hohler reports.

Betting on politics: the US Supreme Court

Matthew Partridge weighs up the odds on who will be the next judge at the US Supreme Court.

Trump kicks off banking deregulation

America’s financial regulators are set to ease the Volcker rule. Critics say the decision will undo years of efforts to make banks less risky after the financial crisis. Simon Wilson reports.

Chart of the week: America’s plastic surgery boom

The proportion saying they have had recent surgery took off after Donald Trump’s election and has risen especially quickly since the government’s tax cut was implemented.

We’re heading ever closer to all-out trade war

Donald Trump has slapped another $200bn-worth of tariffs on Chinese goods. John Stepek looks at what’s behind the move, and what a trade war would mean for investors.

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