EU Referendum

EU referendum

The EU referendum was a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape Britain's future, inside or outside the European Union. It's caused a lot of divisions, but now that the result is known, it's time to make it work.

Brexit comes with vast possibilities and opportunities, and MoneyWeek can help you navigate them and find out how to make it work for your money.

Should we bin foreign aid?

The scandal surrounding overseas charity workers is being used as a pretext for demanding cuts to the aid budget. Matthew Partridge reports.

Gove's green and pleasant Brexit

Michael Gove, one of Britain’s most divisive politicians wants to revolutionise agricultural and environmental policy after we leave the EU. But how much will really change? Simon Wilson reports.

Three Brexiteers plot a coup

Boris, Michael Gove and a blue passport in human form – this is the trio that could soon lead the country. Alex Rankine reports.

Tim Martin: leave the EU tomorrow

Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin has been a vocal supporter of a hard Brexit. Here, he tells Matthew Partridge about his vision for Britain.

Brexit: no vision, no strategy, no idea

Retired diplomat Lord David Hannay helped negotiate Britain’s entry to the EU. Matthew Partridge finds out what he thinks about the government’s approach to our exit.

Brexit must be tailored for the needs of small businesses

Small businesses employ much of Britain’s workforce. Any Brexit deal must take their needs into account. Matthew Partridge talks to IW Capital’s Luke Davis about the problems facing the sector.

Why Farage fears a Breversal

Last week, Nigel Farage suggested a second Brexit referendum to kill off the drive to remain in the European Union.

Why a “Canada Plus Plus” Brexit deal won’t happen

One possible model for Brexit is “Canada Plus Plus”. Matthew Partridge talks to Léon Cornelissen, chief economist for Dutch asset management firm Robeco, about why it is a non-starter.

Agricultural subsidies: public money should mean public access

In the post-Brexit reform of agricultural subsidies, landowners in receipt of public money should expect the public to be given access to their land, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

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