EU Referendum

EU referendum

The EU referendum was a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape Britain's future, inside or outside the European Union. It's caused a lot of divisions, but now that the result is known, it's time to make it work.

Brexit comes with vast possibilities and opportunities, and MoneyWeek can help you navigate them and find out how to make it work for your money.

Triumph at last for Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn © Rex Features

The PM is heading back to Brussels with a majority and a plan. But what then? Matthew Partridge reports.

Back on the Brexit merry-go-round, and what it means for your money

Theresa May © Getty

After another Brexit vote in Parliament, it looks like we’re back where we were a week ago. John Stepek looks at the market’s reaction, and what’s likely to happen next.

The Brexit exodus that never was

Bankers drinking © Getty images

Doom-mongers predicted a massive flight from the City, says Matthew Lynn. But it simply didn’t happen.

“Plan A” dons a false moustache

Theresa May © Rex Features

Theresa May’s deal is back on the table. Will it be more appetising the second time? Emily Hohler reports.

Markets are starting to think that “no deal” Brexit is off the table – are they right?

Jacob Rees Mogg © Getty Images

Markets have perked up about Brexit. The evidence suggests they think we’re heading for a soft Brexit – or no Brexit at all. John Stepek looks at what’s going on.

Ignore all the Brexit hysteria and buy UK stocks

Nigel Farage at a Brexit rally © Getty Images

Brexit is looking increasingly like an over-hyped non-event. Even a no-deal Brexit would be no big deal. But it has made UK stocks very cheap. Here’s what to buy now.

Is “car-mageddon” around the bend?

Jaguar Waymo

Britain’s car industry is being rocked by Brexit, held back by a global slowdown in sales, and is struggling to keep up with technological changes. Can it change gear? Simon Wilson reports.

The same old Brexit story

Donald Tusk © Rex Features

Over two years later, nothing has really changed on the Brexit front, says Merryn Somerset Webb. And UK stocks are still cheap.

What May’s massive Brexit rejection means for your money

Pro-and anti-Brexit demonstrators outside Parliament © Getty Images

What happens after Parliament’s resounding rejection of Theresa May’s Brexit deal is anyone’s guess. Here, John Stepek outlines some scenarios, and explains what it all means for your money.

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