EU Referendum

EU referendum

The EU referendum was a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape Britain's future, inside or outside the European Union. It's caused a lot of divisions, but now that the result is known, it's time to make it work.

Brexit comes with vast possibilities and opportunities, and MoneyWeek can help you navigate them and find out how to make it work for your money.

Another Brexit delay – so what happens now?

A pro-Brexit protestor © Cliff/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Last week’s excitement over a Brexit deal getting done proved to be premature. John Stepek looks at where we are now, and what it means for your money.

We have a Brexit deal – but can it get past Parliament?

So we have a Brexit deal that both the EU and the government are happy with. It just needs to get past Parliament. John Stepek explains what’s likely to happen next, and what it all means for your money.

Trade wars and Brexit: are we really any closer to deals?

Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar © Noel Mullen/ Irish Government Press Office via Getty Images

With a ceasefire in the US-China trade war and Brexit negotiations entering “the tunnel”, John Stepek asks if we’re any closer to real deals in either, and explains how it all affects your investments.

Brexit: Will we stay or will we go? And what does it mean for investors?

Brexit has descended into a farcical war of attrition. John Stepek looks at what it all means for your money – whatever the eventual outcome – and picks some of the best stocks to buy now.

It’s “Brexit or bust” for Boris

Margaret Thatcher © Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Boris Johnson’s strategy is straightforward – to make sure that he’s “the people’s choice” at the inevitable upcoming general election

Brexit conspiracies make no sense at all

Boris Johnson © Christopher Furlong - WPA Pool /Getty Images

Boris Johnson really isn’t being controlled by a mysterious cabal of international financiers working to force a no-deal Brexit so that they can make vast profits.

What to expect if we remain in the EU

Pro-remain protester © Alamy

All ready for a no-deal exit? Good. But it’s not the only outcome you had better brace yourself for, says Matthew Lynn.

Can Johnson secure a Brexit deal?

Xavier Bettel © Getty Images

Boris Johnson could secure a Brexit deal. But the details had better be forthcoming soon. 

What’s worse – no-deal Brexit or a Corbyn government?

The UK’s turbulent political situation presents a dilemma for investors. British assets look cheap, but what happens if we get an extreme outcome? John Stepek looks at how bad things could get.

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