Silver & other precious metals

Why I keep buying Silver and Gold

A chance encounter with a coin dealer leaves Bengt Saelensminde questioning the reasons behind his current investments in precious metals; gold and silver.

Will hot 'white metals' cool?

Gold and silver have been getting all the attention, but their lesser-known cousins platinum and palladium – the so-called ‘white metals’ – have been soaring too.

Should you invest in platinum and palladium?

The price of precious metals is surging. While gold and silver attract the biggest headlines, platinum is having a decent run too. And palladium is outshining them all. So should you buy in? John Stepek investigates.

Silver's best streak since the 1970s

Gold may be the centre of attention right now but, from the sidelines, silver has been doing even better.

Why the silver price looks set to surge

Silver has a reputation as ‘poor man’s gold’. But investors who shun it are missing out, says Joss Smith. Here, he explains why silver is the most undervalued metal in the market, and why its price is set to surge.

There's more upside yet for silver

Silver has bounced by 16% to just over $17 an ounce since early February, after a 48% jump in 2009. And the run may not be over yet.

Don't forget about silver

When gold rises, it drags other precious metals along with it. Chief among them is silver. But the supply of silver has fallen recently. And with demand continuing to rise, there’s only one way for silver to go, says Dave Fessler.

Silver's 'Goldilocks moment' won't last

The price of silver has jumped by a third to $15 an ounce this year. But its upside looks limited.

Should you be buying silver now?

When compared to the price of gold, the price of silver is vastly out of step with its historical norm. While gold has shot up in price, silver has remained relatively cheap. So is it worth buying now?

Why silver is white-hot

Silver has been virtually ignored amid gold’s bull run. But it is at a ten-month high. And there is every chance it could soar to over $20 an ounce.

Platinum and palladium - the 'other' precious metals

While gold continues on its bull rull, platinum and palladium have been underperforming. Martin Spring examines why, where their markets may be going, and how to invest in them.

Silver is looking undervalued

Silver is often described as gold’s poor relation – and currently looks undervalued compared to gold. But with financial turmoil looking far from over, investment demand has risen strongly.

Steer clear of jewellery and diamonds as 'investments'

As jewellery sales fall, some jewellers have begun touting the merits of jewellery and diamonds as being ‘investments’. This is dangerous nonsense, says Mark O’Byrne.

Don’t buy the conspiracy theory: buy silver

Whatever the truth about silver – and there are some wild conspiracy theories around just now – the metal is in demand, and one of the best ways to invest in it is via an exchange-traded fund.

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