Silver & other precious metals

Your crash course in buying silver

Buying silver at online auctions is a great way to get a bargain on physical silver – but what should you watch out for? Bengt Saelensminde explains all you need to know about buying silver online.

My favourite way to buy silver

Unlike gold, you have to pay VAT on the silver you buy. But there is a way to still get a fantastic bargain, says Bengt Saelensminde. Here, he reveals the secret collectors don’t want you to know.

Look what's happening to silver

After a nasty fall last year, silver is putting in an impressive rally. Bengt Saelensminde examines whether it’s time for a punt.

A return to hell for silver

Silver suffered its sharpest drop in three decades this week, after approaching the $50-an-ounce level earlier this year. The slide is a reminder that silver “is a precious metal with an industrial character”.

Is now the time to buy into silver?

Silver is a notoriously volatile metal which has burned many investors’ fingers in the past. The long term bull case is compelling, but its most recent correction saw a fall of some 30%. Bengt Saelensminde explains exactly why silver is so jumpy, and whether now is the time to buy in.

How to play gold and silver together

The recent big moves in the silver price and the less dramatic move in gold meant a good opportunity for spread betters to cash in. Tim Bennett explains how.

Don't worry about silver until it hits at least $100, says Jim Rogers

Commodities bull Jim Rogers has admitted he is worried that silver might go ‘parabolic’ and crash later this year.

Why silver is a dance with the devil

The gold price has stolen the investment news headlines for several years now, but it’s the price of silver that has been the outstanding performer this year. Bengt Saelensminde reviews silver’s investment potential.

How to play a dip in the silver price

Silver has been a one-way bet for a long time now. But short term, it could pull back, says Tim Bennett. And that creates a good opportunity for spread betters to profit.

Why I keep buying Silver and Gold

A chance encounter with a coin dealer leaves Bengt Saelensminde questioning the reasons behind his current investments in precious metals; gold and silver.

Will hot 'white metals' cool?

Gold and silver have been getting all the attention, but their lesser-known cousins platinum and palladium – the so-called ‘white metals’ – have been soaring too.

Should you invest in platinum and palladium?

The price of precious metals is surging. While gold and silver attract the biggest headlines, platinum is having a decent run too. And palladium is outshining them all. So should you buy in? John Stepek investigates.

Silver's best streak since the 1970s

Gold may be the centre of attention right now but, from the sidelines, silver has been doing even better.

Why the silver price looks set to surge

Silver has a reputation as ‘poor man’s gold’. But investors who shun it are missing out, says Joss Smith. Here, he explains why silver is the most undervalued metal in the market, and why its price is set to surge.

There's more upside yet for silver

Silver has bounced by 16% to just over $17 an ounce since early February, after a 48% jump in 2009. And the run may not be over yet.

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