Collectables and alternative investments

Never mind the profits

Chris Carter looks at how punk has been welcomed into the mainstream, and what that means for collectors.

Trust the skill of the Cubans

Ageing is the hottest thing to hit the cigar market. Chris Carter looks at how investors are cashing in.

A £200m crime ring headed by the Moriarty of Old Masters

Art collectors stand to lose up to £200m if a string of masterpieces turn out to be fakes, says Chris Carter.

A freeze in the art market

Galleries and auction houses have fought themselves to a standstill, says Chris Carter. But there is a third option for investors in art.

Three types of wine fraud

When rare wine sells for thousands of pounds a bottle, it’s not just the connoisseurs that take note, says Chris Carter.

How to spot the next big thing in art

If you’ve ever considered investing in art, now’s a great time to start. New Blood Art’s Sarah Ryan explains what you need to know.

How to invest in fine whisky

If you’re a whisky enthusiast, you can now invest in your favourite tipple through a new online platform. Matthew Partridge reports.

Investing in the 'stamps that changed the world'

Rare stamps can fetch astronomical prices. Chris Carter visits the Europhilex Stamp Exhibition to see some of the stamps that changed the world, and asks if it’s worth investing.

Artists for every budget: from a canvas for £150 to a photo that fetched £2.7m

Sarah Ryan of New Blood Art tips two painters and a photographer who find inspiration in the everyday.

Two young turks of the art world inspired by Anselm Kiefer

Interested in investing in art but not quite ready to splash out on a household name? Sarah Ryan of New Blood Art looks at two rising artists inspired by painter Anselm Kiefer.

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