Lars Henriksson

Lars is our resident emerging markets expert, with 17 years of 'on the ground' experience hunting down profit opportunities in Asia. Lars spent ten years living in Malaysia and Thailand, seeking out strategic opportunities, before moving to London to manage the Oracle Asia Absolute Fund. In short, Lars has real knowledge of where the opportunities in Asia are. Sign up to his free newsletter, The New World, here.

Emerging markets

Three reasons to invest in the new cornerstone of Asian trade

Asia's retail market is transforming, and with it the continent's logistics business. Astute investors should get exposure, says Lars Henriksson.
27 Jul 2015
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One interesting way to play China

China's stockmarkets have been under severe pressure recently. But Lars Henriksson thinks he's found an interesting way to play them.
13 Jul 2015
Emerging markets

Now could be a great time to invest in Asian cinemas

It won't be long before the cinema market in China is worth more than in the USA, says Lars Henriksson. Here, he looks at the companies set to profit …
29 Jun 2015
Emerging markets

If China joins the MSCI emerging markets index, we could make a lot of money

MSCI has declined to include Chinese A-shares in its flagship emerging-market index. But when it does – and it will – investors stand to win big, says…
15 Jun 2015
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China is upping its military spending – this company could benefit hugely

China's increased military spending will help to boost its economy. Lars Henriksson explains why, and tips one defence stock to benefit.
1 Jun 2015
Emerging markets

Emerging markets are clamouring for broadband – don’t miss out

Emerging markets are in desperate need of new high-speed internet connections. And this Indonesian broadband provider could be well-placed to profit, …
11 May 2015

Asia’s healthcare boom will have four big winners

Healthcare is an exciting growth sector across Asia, says Lars Henriksson. And the future lies in the companies that are most able to adapt to specifi…
20 Apr 2015

This German internet company has its sights set on Southeast Asia

Online start-up Rocket Internet is cashing in on Southeast Asia's increasingly affluent middle classes. Investors should take note, says Lars Henrikss…
23 Mar 2015

Myanmar’s new deep-sea port project offers a wealth of opportunities for investors

With the Dawei Deep Port project back on track, Japan and China are pouring money into Myanmar’s Mekong region. Lars Henriksson looks at the best ways…
9 Mar 2015
Emerging markets

Indonesia’s new tax law is bad news for Singapore

It's been a bad time to invest in Singapore over the last few years. And it's going to get worse as its neighbours lure investors and companies away. …
23 Feb 2015
Emerging markets

Young people are driving an explosion of ecommerce in Bangkok and beyond

Lars Henriksson looks at how a huge expansion in ecommerce sales is set to transform Thailand's retail sector, and explains what it means for investor…
9 Feb 2015
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Pawnbroking is big business in Asia – here are three best stocks to profit

Asian banks turn away millions of customers every year. Lars Henriksson explains how that's created a lucrative market for investors.
26 Jan 2015

China’s richest man is buying this stock – and you should too

Chinese insurer Ping An is getting some very high-profile attention – and for good reason. Lars Henriksson explains why now is the time to buy.
12 Jan 2015

The Thai railway boom is about to kick off – and I know who to buy

Thailand's railway system upgrade will transform the country and make investors a fortune. Lars Henriksson picks the best stock to buy for you to prof…
22 Dec 2014
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This Thai seafood expert shows the power of emerging market stocks

This Thai frozen seafood company is a 'one in a million' emerging market stock. Lars Henriksson explains why.
8 Dec 2014
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How to profit from Thailand’s solar energy boom

Demand for energy in Thailand is going through the roof. The best option is solar, says Lars Henriksson. Here he picks five of the country’s best sola…
24 Nov 2014
Emerging markets

China is old news – here’s where to buy now

China’s time at the top is coming to an end – India is a much more appealing prospect. Lars Henriksson explains why, and picks the best way to play it…
10 Nov 2014

Is Alibaba just a flash in the pan?

Tech stocks such as Alibaba generate plenty of hype, says Lars Henriksson. But investors shouldn't forget about Asia's other great companies.
27 Oct 2014
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There’s never been a better time to invest in China’s military

China has ambitions to become a world military power. That means a huge increase in its defence spending. Lars Henriksson explains how you could profi…
13 Oct 2014
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Brazil needs more oil – these guys will give it to them

Brazil is aiming to double its oil production – which means a lot of new oil rigs. This Asian company is well placed to profit, say Lars Henriksson.
29 Sep 2014
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Two ways to play Asia’s beverage boom

Traditional Asian drinks have been given a new lease of life by the burgeoning beverage market. Lars Henriksson looks at two drinks makers leading the…
15 Sep 2014

Emerging markets: These three charts show we’re in a bull market

Early 2013 was a bad time for investors in emerging markets. But since then, they've been on a roll, says Lars Henriksson. And here's the proof.
1 Sep 2014
Emerging markets

How 'generation anxious' will revolutionise Asia’s economy

Young people born in the years leading up to the Millennium are changing the face of Asia, says Lars Henriksson. That's creating exciting opportunitie…
18 Aug 2014

This is the bellwether stock for China

If you’re planning to invest in China, you should keep an eye on this stock, says Lars Henriksson.
4 Aug 2014
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The 'Ikea indicator' says buy Indonesia

Swedish retail giant Ikea is about to set up shop in Indonesia. Lars Henriksson explains why that's great news for investors, and how you could profit…
21 Jul 2014

Why elections are good for your investments

Elections give stock markets a shot in the arm. And this week, Indonesians go to the polls. It could be a big deal for investors, says Lars Henriksson…
7 Jul 2014
Emerging markets

China is sticking to its word

China's restructuring is having a huge impact in Southeast Asia. Lars Henriksson explains how foreign investors can benefit.
23 Jun 2014
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The world’s mega-rich have found a new home

Switzerland can no longer claim to be the home of the world's mega-rich. Lars Henriksson explains why the big bucks are heading east.
9 Jun 2014
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How Asia conquered Hollywood

Hollywood studios are increasingly tailoring their films for an Asian audience. Lars Henriksson explains why, and reveals the best stocks to profit fr…
27 May 2014

The boom in provincial Thailand

Thailand's provincial cities are changing as the population becomes more affluent. Lars Henriksson looks at the best ways to invest.
13 May 2014

Asia is drying up – investors, pay attention

A freak weather phenomenon is spreading across Asia. Lars Henriksson explains what it is, and what it means for the region’s economies.
28 Apr 2014
Emerging markets

Will deregulation lead to the next Asian trade boom?

China and Hong Kong have always been poles apart when it came to investing. Lars Henriksson explains how that could all be about to change.
15 Apr 2014
Emerging markets

The 'beer indicator' says China is totally overpriced

China's stock market is unloved by investors, says Lars Henriksson. But the 'beer indicator' could tell you when it's time to buy again.
31 Mar 2014

The epic battle to control the Asian consumer market

The race is on to capture the fabled high-spending Asian consumer. Lars Henriksson looks at the best ways to pick the winners.
17 Mar 2014
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The bridge that kicked off a 500% property boom

Malaysia’s new Penang Bridge is just one example of Asia’s infrastructure boom that could earn investors outsized profits, says Lars Henriksson.
3 Mar 2014

Investors are fleeing China - is it time to buy?

Market sentiment towards China is at rock bottom. But as Lars Henriksson explains, that could make for an interesting short-term trade.
17 Feb 2014