James McKeigue

James graduated from Keele University with a BA (Hons) in English literature and history, and has a NCTJ certificate in journalism.

After working as a freelance journalist in various Latin American countries, and a spell at ITV, James wrote for Television Business International and covered the European equity markets for the London bureau. 

James has travelled extensively in emerging markets, reporting for international energy magazines such as Oil and Gas Investor, and institutional publications such as the Commonwealth Business Environment Report. 

He is currently the managing editor of LatAm INVESTOR, the UK's only Latin American finance magazine. 

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The Pacific Alliance is in the bargain basement. Buy it now

The recent political turmoil in Latin America doesn’t change the auspicious long-term economic outlook for Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. It spells…
12 Dec 2019
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Ecuador’s El Dorado: be brave and beat the crowd to the boom

Ecuador is finally set to cash in on its vast metals deposits. The domestic political backdrop has stabilised and international investors are beginnin…
24 Oct 2019
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The lure of Latin America: get set for a new mining boom

Latin America has long been fertile, yet dangerous territory for mining investors. But now the legal backdrop is improving and the prospects for the r…
27 Jun 2019

China’s conquistadors are marching across Latin America

China is rapidly increasing its influence over Latin America’s economies. This will bolster growth and development, creating opportunities for long-te…
13 Dec 2018
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The Pacific Alliance: the four best bets in Latin America

The emerging market sell-off is a buying opportunity for brave investors seeking resilient, well-managed economies with strong prospects. Mexico, Colo…
20 Sep 2018

How Venezuela is keeping Latin America on track for growth

Caracas is providing a bad example of how to run a country. Even the region’s populists are paying heed. Latin America remains open for business, says…
14 Dec 2017

Investors should follow the tourists into Latin America

Latin America is putting its violent past behind it, and is poised to ride the wave of a global tourism boom. Invest now to reap the rewards, says Jam…
8 Jun 2017
Emerging markets

Mexico will have the last laugh as Trump builds his wall

Mexico will suffer if Trump’s plans to crimp trade come to fruition. But the country has its own hand to play. Smart investors should buy in now, says…
23 Feb 2017
Emerging markets

War is over – it’s time to head back to Colombia

The peace deal with war lords and drug gangs is just one of the many reasons why Colombia is set to prosper. Smart investors should buy in now, says J…
8 Sep 2016

Venezuela has elected an opposition coalition – the ramifications could be huge

The election result in Venezuela – a country with some of the world’s largest oil reserves – marks a new chapter in its history. James McKeigue looks …
18 Dec 2015
Emerging markets

Argentina’s new dawn

Mauricio Macri, the winner of Argentina’s general election, has inherited a political and economic mess. But his arrival should help the country – and…
25 Nov 2015
Emerging markets

Alastair Cook’s Lesson for Latin America

Having bounced back from bad times, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile are the ‘Alistair Cooks’ of Latin America, says James McKeige. Now's a great time…
10 Nov 2015

The Dominican Republic specialises in two of my favourite investment themes

The Caribbean country is making the most of its strategic location, says James McKeigue. Intrepid investors in search of profits should do too.
26 Oct 2015

The IMF has forecast a recession in Latin America, but investors needn’t worry

The Latin American economy may be slowing down, but it is better equipped than ever to ride it out, says James McKeigue.
12 Oct 2015

Colombia’s peace deal is great news for investors

A peace deal to end decades of fighting is the latest sign of Colombia's bright future, says James McKeigue. And it's one more reason to invest in the…
28 Sep 2015
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Latin American aviation stocks are about to take off

The Latin American travel market has been undergoing a shake-up that could make handy profits for UK investors. James McKeigue picks the best ways to …
15 Sep 2015

Why I’m not afraid of China’s slowdown affecting Latin America

China's slowdown has got investors in commodity-rich Latin America running for the hills. But that, as James McKeigue explains, is a costly mistake.
31 Aug 2015

Brazil hurtles towards its worst recession in 25 years – but I’m still buying

Anti-government protests are the latest in a long line of crises. But as James McKeigue explains, clever investors can still make money in Brazil.
17 Aug 2015
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Three reasons Latin America will be the next global breadbasket

For a long time, agriculture in Latin America focused on a few key cash crops. Now, the industry is diversifying – and profiting. James McKeigue expla…
3 Aug 2015

Investors shouldn't be worried about Mexico’s week from hell

It’s been a bad week for Mexico, with escaped narco-criminals and a failed auction of offshore oil rights. But there’s still plenty of cause for hope,…
20 Jul 2015

Our Cuba fund is off to a great start – but I think the best is yet to come

Cuba is opening up to American companies. That’s great news for the fund James McKeigue tipped six months ago.
6 Jul 2015
Emerging markets

There are protests across Latin America, but I’m still bullish on the market

There have been large-scale protests across Latin America, from Mexico, to Chile and Brazil. But there’s no need for investors to worry. James McKeigu…
22 Jun 2015
Emerging markets

Why China’s 3,000-mile Latin American railway is great news for investors

China is investing heavily in Latin American infrastructure. That's great news for investors, says James McKeigue.
8 Jun 2015

We made a fortune with Cresud – let’s double up on Latin American agriculture

Now is still a great time to plough your money into Latin American agriculture. James McKeigue explains why, and tips one stock set to profit.
18 May 2015

Central America offers a huge opportunity to brave investors

Investment capital is flooding in and transforming Central America for the better. James McKeigue reveals the best ways to profit.
27 Apr 2015

Obama’s Americas summit is good for our investments

The recent historic Summit of the Americas is great news for long-term investors in Latin America. James McKeigue explains why.
13 Apr 2015

I’ve found a fantastic way to play Colombia’s $50bn infrastructure boom

Peace talks between the Colombian government and Farc rebels could clear the way for the development of the country's infrastructure. James McKeigue r…
30 Mar 2015

Latin American tourism is about to boom – and we’ve got a way in

Investors often associate tourism with fun, but not big returns. That's a mistake, says James McKeigue. Tourism is big business in Latin America.
16 Mar 2015

In Mexico, 50 billion barrels of oil are up for grabs

Mexico’s government is shaking up its oil industry. That’s going to provide plenty of opportunities for investors, says James McKeigue.
2 Mar 2015
Emerging markets

Brazil’s water shortage is a big bad buying signal

With greed, corruption, and now a huge drought, negativity around Brazil has reached fever pitch. That might make it a good time to invest, says James…
16 Feb 2015

Argentina’s spy crisis is terrifying investors – here’s why you must hold your nerve

Investors are steering clear of Argentina following the death of state prosecutor Alberto Nisman. James McKeigue explains why that's a mistake.
2 Feb 2015
Emerging markets

US money is going to flood Cuba – this fund is poised to reap the benefits

The thaw in relations with the US will have a huge impact on Cuba’s economy. James McKeigue picks the best way for you to profit.
19 Jan 2015
Emerging markets

Three big calls for Latin America in 2015

James McKeigue looks at what the year holds for investors in Latin America, and picks the three hottest investment topics.
5 Jan 2015
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Why I’m glad I steered clear of Brazil’s corporate giants

James McKeigue explains why he warned readers off two of Brazil’s biggest companies, Petrobras and Vale. And why it could soon be time to invest.
15 Dec 2014
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Buy in to Latin America's online shopping spree

Latin Americans are increasingly shopping online. And as the number one player in the region, this firm is well-placed to profit, says James McKeigue.
1 Dec 2014
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Why America’s sharpest businessman is suddenly interested in our investment

America's 'cable cowboy', John Malone, is doing a £1.9bn deal with Cable & Wireless Communications. James McKeigue explains why that's good news for i…
17 Nov 2014