Euan Stuart

Alternative investments

A first edition could be a gift to bank on

First edition books are an ideal present for anyone who loves reading and collecting. What's more, as an asset class like wine or art, they're the gif…
14 Jan 2008

Tarnished silver will shine again

Has silver lost its shine? Despite price falls after hitting its 25 year peak, there are many reasons why the silver price should rise again.
7 Nov 2007
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Why the biotech sector is set to bounce back

The disastrous results of biotech group TeGenero's drug trials have battered the biotech sector. But investors are unlikely to stay away for long. Her…
7 Sep 2007

What is the carry trade?

The end of the “yen-carry trade” could be devastating for capital markets throughout the world. But what is this trade and why could its unravelling h…
24 Aug 2007
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Three oil exploration stocks set to surge

The good news keeps coming for the oil majors. And that's even better news for the companies that supply them with the tools they need to find and ext…
6 Jun 2007

Move over China - Indian investments have the real potential

Overseas money is flooding into India. But this is just the first wave. The real India boom has barely begun. So what is the best way to invest in a c…
10 Jan 2007
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Why small oil companies offer bigger upside

Despite a recent price plunge, oil is set to strengthen again as winter kicks in in the Northern hemisphere. Oil majors may be the safest investment, …
4 Jan 2007
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Unfashionable vaccines offer value for money

When a sector is unfashionable, more often than not, it’s also inexpensive. For that reason, with the Dow Jones hitting new highs, we’re going to cons…
16 Oct 2006
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Invest in a recruitment firm with a healthy CV

It's not just City workers who'll benefit from the record £21bn in bonuses on offer this year - recruitment firms will also benefit. So this could be …
22 Sep 2006
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Don’t write off firms working with the public sector

Given the history of Government IT disasters and all the bad publicity they generate, it may sound like the kiss of death for a firm to get involved i…
11 Sep 2006
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A bad year for airlines – but don’t ditch your stocks

It’s been a summer that most airline executives would no doubt rather forget. But it seems it is the passengers rather than the airlines themselves wh…
4 Sep 2006
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Could the drinks binge end in a bad hangover?

It may already seem like a distant memory, but this summer’s heatwave, combined with the month-long World Cup coverage, sent consumers on an alcohol b…
30 Aug 2006
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Who will win the broadband wars?

Carphone Warehouse's 'free' broadband offer was a phenomenal success. And now that BSKyB is entering the fray, the broadband wars are hotting up. Now …
15 Aug 2006
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Why the music industry no longer calls the tune

Top of the Pops is no more, downloads are the norm and budding stars launch their careers on MySpace. As traditional music firms struggle to adapt, is…
31 Jul 2006
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Should you buy into the Reit revolution?

Property companies had a pleasant surprise in the Budget. They were given an incentive to convert themselves into real estate investment trusts (Reits…
26 Jul 2006
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Why the tobacco sector's flickering back to life

With all the difficulties facing the tobacco industry - including a growing number of countries introducing smoking bans - why have share prices been …
14 Jul 2006
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A chocolate firm worth sinking your teeth into

What with obesity concerns and salmonella scandals, things aren't looking good for chocolate companies. But if firms can adapt to the new market, inv…
14 Jul 2006
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Can the travel industry survive the World Cup?

As the nation urges England on in the World Cup, travel agents are cheering through gritted teeth as Britons leave it even later than usual to book th…
20 Jun 2006
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White hot takeovers harden steel market

Steel has been hogging newspaper headlines across the world in recent weeks, thanks to soaring steel prices, booming emerging economies and feverish M…
15 Jun 2006

Japan’s New Era

Japan’s New Era - at - the best of the international financial media
9 Jun 2006

Invest in World Cup winners

The forthcoming World Cup promises to give companies worldwide a hefty kick. Find out which companies are likely to be winners regardless of which na…
8 Jun 2006
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Is this the return of the dotcom bubble?

The internet certainly didn't vanish after the dotcom bubble burst. In fact, there has been huge growth in certain areas. So is now time for investo…
5 Jun 2006
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Vice is nice - and what's more, it's profitable

Consumers don't give up on their bad habits in difficult times. 'Vice' stocks - gambling, tobacco, alcohol and defence - are just about as immune as …
1 Jun 2006

Can emerging markets avoid a correction?

The emerging-market equity boom, fuelled by US retail investors, has seen India, South Korea and, above all, China, outperform most developed markets.…
25 May 2006
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Is there still life on the UK high street?

Conditions on the UK high street are undeniably tough. But Marks & Spencer is just one of a number of retail stalwarts who are turning things around b…
3 May 2006

Should you put your money in soft commodities?

Oil and metals hit new highs this week, grabbing the headlines once again. But...
24 Apr 2006
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Will the latest competition probe hurt supermarkets?

The supermarket sector is being investigated by consumer watchdogs for the third time in six years. Will the latest tilt at the sector results in any …
23 Mar 2006
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Is it worth investing in internet telephony stocks?

Voiceover Internet Protocol technology enables people to make cheap phone calls over the net. So which companies stand to benefit?
22 Mar 2006
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Can UK banks keep raking in the cash?

It's been another record reporting season for UK banks. But with bad debts rising, can they keep increasing their profits, or is this as good as it ge…
15 Mar 2006
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Which water companies should you invest in?

Water is running out. That's bad news for most of us, but it could be good for water companies. So which ones should you invest in?
7 Mar 2006

Why the mining sector is booming, not bubbling

Many analysts are starting to believe that mining stocks have entered bubble territory. But here at MoneyWeek, we can point to several reasons why min…
28 Feb 2006
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Where to put your money in 2006

Which parts of the market will outperform in 2006? We look at the six sectors we think will be the best performers – and which investments to go for t…
28 Feb 2006
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How you can make money from sugar

Sugar is no longer just a sweetener. These days it's energy too. The soaring oil price is driving demand for its use in biofuels, while supply is set …
7 Feb 2006
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Six tech stocks set for big gains

The technology sector had a good start to 2005, but disappointing results from the likes of Apple and Yahoo have hit the sector's big names. But that …
1 Feb 2006
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Six biotech stocks set to take off

In the quest for returns, investors are seeking out riskier opportunities - and they don't come much riskier than biotech. Here are six stocks that th…
23 Jan 2006

Five micro-themes that could move the markets in 2006

There's been plenty of commentary, both in MoneyWeek and in the rest of the press, on the big themes for the year ahead. But what of the more micro ma…
18 Jan 2006