Ed Beal

Ed Beal is manager at the Dunedin Smaller Companies Investment Trust.

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Three quality small caps to snap up

Smaller companies have beaten their bigger rivals in the FTSE 100. Professional stock picker Ed Beal tips three to tuck away for the long run.
11 Dec 2015
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Three stocks with long-term appeal

Look through the short-term noise and focus on what's important. Professional stock picker Ed Beal tips three stocks for patient investors.
22 May 2015
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When it comes to stocks, it makes sense to buy small

Good-quality smaller companies will continue to do well, says professional stock picker Ed Beal. Here, he picks three small-cap stocks to buy now.
27 Jan 2014

Three small-cap stocks with big potential

There are three key attributes that smaller companies must have to outperform larger ones, says professional stock picker Ed Beal. Here, he explains w…
22 Mar 2013
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Three small-cap stocks to buy for income

Investors who shun small-caps for their perceived volatily could be missing out on some great growth stocks, says professional investor Ed Beal. Here,…
2 Mar 2012
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Why I'm backing small-cap companies

Interest in small-cap companies is currently low - perhaps unsurprising given Britain's poor economic outlook. But professional investor Ed Beal think…
18 Mar 2011
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Three small-cap stocks for a steady income

Investors looking to diversify their income stream are increasingly heading to overseas markets. But investors shouldn't overlook opportunities closer…
26 Mar 2010