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Tom worked as a fund manager in the City of London and in Hong Kong for over 20 years. As a director with Schroder Investment Management International he was responsible for £2 billion of foreign clients' money, and launched what became Argentina's largest mutual fund.

Now working from his home in Oxfordshire, Tom Bulford helps private investors with his premium tipping newsletter, Red Hot Biotech Alert.

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Articles written by Tom Bulford

British biotech takes off

With a catalogue of exciting breakthroughs, the most exciting story for penny investors this year has been biotechnology, says Tom Bulford.

28/08/2012 28/06/2012 26/06/2012 21/06/2012

Three great vehicles for your savings

Tom Bulford continues his short series on DIY investing with three simple ways to invest in shares: the basic share-dealing account, stocks and shares Isas, and self-invested personal pensions (Sipps).


Take back control of your investments today

High fund management fees and low savings rates make it more important than ever that investors take control of their money. And DIY investing is both simple and rewarding, says Tom Bulford . Here, he explains how to go about it.

14/06/2012 12/06/2012 07/06/2012 31/05/2012 29/05/2012
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