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Lars Henriksson


Lars is our resident emerging markets expert, with 17 years of 'on the ground' experience hunting down profit opportunities in Asia.

Lars spent ten years living in Malaysia and Thailand, seeking out strategic opportunities, before moving to London to manage the Oracle Asia Absolute Fund.

In short, Lars has real knowledge of where the opportunities in Asia are. Sign up to his free newsletter, The New World, here.

Articles written by Lars Henriksson

29/07/2013 15/07/2013

The big rebound for emerging markets

Talk of ‘tapering’ by the US Federal Reserve has hit emerging market stocks hard. But despite the panic, the long-term outlook hasn’t changed, says Lars Henriksson. And if history is anything to go by, markets should soon bounce back.

01/07/2013 17/06/2013

Why it’s time to reassess your ‘hua kae’

Too many investors are content to focus on developed markets such as the US, UK and Europe. But Western economies are being transformed by emerging markets. And only by changing how we view the world can we profit, says Lars Henriksson.

04/06/2013 21/05/2013

Here comes the ‘Sugar King’

One of Asia’s most successful businessmen has taken a big gamble on Africa. Lars Henriksson looks at how the ‘sugar king’ aims to help the continent to unleash its true growth potential – and what investors can learn from him.

22/04/2013 08/04/2013 26/03/2013 11/03/2013
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