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James Ferguson qualified with an MA (Hons) in economics from Edinburgh University in 1985. For the last 21 years he has had a high-powered career in institutional stock broking, specialising in equities, working for Nomura, Robert Fleming, SBC Warburg, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and Mitsubishi Securities.

Articles written by James Ferguson

Which European banks are safe?

One European bank has already fallen victim to the eurozone crisis. So, as things worsen, are any European banks safe? And what about British banks? James Ferguson investigates.

14/10/2011 01/09/2011

The Japanese bull market is finally ready to charge

Unloved for years, Japan may be set to wake up after years of inertia. With stocks looking cheap and the banks solvent enough to start lending again, everything is in place for a new bull market. The potential upside will be spectacular. James Ferguson investigates, and tips the best ways to play Japan’s recovery.

22/07/2011 17/06/2011

What happens when quantitative easing ends?

Quantitative easing has been keeping the UK and US economies afloat since the financial crisis began. But America’s $600bn money-printing programme is due to expire in June. So what can investors expect when the money tap is turned off? James Ferguson explains.

22/04/2011 17/09/2010

Is the bond market the next bubble to burst?

Government bond yields are at near-record lows as prices have surged. So is the bond market the latest bubble or are investors right to price in a gloomy future for the economy? James Ferguson and Dr Peter Warburton discuss whether it’s time to bail out of bonds.

03/09/2010 30/07/2010 07/05/2010 16/04/2010
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