Money Minute Thursday 10 October: trade war talks, UK manufacturing and US inflation

Today's Money Minute sees the start of the next round of trade talks between China and the US; the latest figures on UK manufacturing output; and US consumer price inflation.

Today, the next round of trade talks between China and the US is scheduled to kick off in Washington.Hopes are not high for any sort of breakthrough both sides have been talking tough ahead of the meeting.The US is set to impose extra tariffs on Chinese goods from early next week.Meanwhile, the Chinese delegation has already said that it will be leaving the US earlier than planned.

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In all, assuming they aren't called off beforehand, markets will be looking for any sign at all that relations between the two are thawing.

This morning in the UK, the latest figures on manufacturing output are due.As in most other parts of the world, manufacturing in the UK is struggling right now, and that's expected to have continued in August.

Then, this afternoon over in the US, we get the latest data on consumer price inflation and weekly jobless claims.




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