Exceptional kit for cycling enthusiasts

Argonaut bike

If you live to cycle, and have deep pockets, the Argonaut could be the bike of your dreams. Ludo Oliver reports.

It can be easy to lose yourself in the millions of options, upgrades and features when in the market for a modern bike. The great wheels of innovation – no doubt now with carbon-fibre spokes – spin on. GiroCycles.com, though, surely leads the field. It is manufactured out of ultralight carbon fibre to a specification exactly tailored to the rider’s own needs. Until now, steel has reigned supreme as the material of choice as, although heavier, it makes for a more comfortable ride. Carbon-fibre bikes are lighter and more responsive, as AJ Powell notes in Gear Patrol magazine, but the stiff ride can wear riders out very quickly.

Argonaut bikeThe Argonaut circumvents this, using new manufacturing methods to get flexibility into the material without compromising on strength, says Mitchell Nicholson on Digital Trends. And it works like a charm, says Powell: “[I’ve] never experienced ride quality quite like the Argonaut. It’s responsive, supple, lightweight, stiff, compliant and comfortable all at the same time”.

The high performance comes at a price, however. The frame alone will set you back a minimum £4,950 and a whole, top-level bike comes in at more than £16,000. For a push bike? Is it worth it, you may well ask. The answer, at least according to Powell, is yes: the Argonaut is “well worth every penny”. If you suspect otherwise, then you are probably not the target market. Argonaut aims for the kind of people who “regard the Maglia Rosa as the Holy Grail. People who count the success of the week by how many miles they put in. People who live and die by the coffee shop they stop at mid-ride on weekends”. If that sounds like you, and you know what a Maglia Rosa is, then this exceptional bike may be just what you have been looking for. Order from GiroCycles.com or ArgonautCycles.com.