Presents for Father’s Day

From watches to whisky, here’s a selection of practical gift ideas for the man who already seems to have everything.


From watches to whisky, here's a selection of practical gift ideas for the man who already seems to have everything.

He's always dreamed of owning a classic car, but has baulked at the cost, or the hours he'll have to spend under the bonnet.

Live the dream without the harsh reality by hiring a classic motor from Great Escape Cars for an unforgettable weekend in the country.

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Cars available range from a Jaguar E-Type (pictured above) to a Jensen Interceptor. The guide price for a day in a Jaguar E-Type is £399.



If you want to mark the date this year, consider this stylish timepiece from Italian luxury fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo. The Ferragamo Time watch is made from stainless steel with gold plating and has a silver double-layer guilloch dial.

Priced at £1,390, from


Loro Piana's summer shoes are a perennially comfy slipper, and will be as welcome in the office with a suit as with more casual wear, says Jeffrey Podolsky in Barron's. Pictured are the classic blue shoes in water-repellent suede (£505).



If your dad's a whisky lover, you might struggle to impress the man who has already sampled every malt on the market. So why not let him try his hand at making his own tipple? The Master of Malt Home Blending Kit contains everything he'll need to perfect his own blend.

The kit costs £69.95 from


A simple-looking but elegant Crystal Braid decanter with tumblers from Namb. Made from full-lead crystal.

The decanter costs £155 and a set of two tumblers is £67,



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