Fund managers need bringing back down to earth

Fund managers should remember that they are responsible for the finances not of financial advisers and pension funds, but of ordinary people.

Learn the moral of this banking horror story

Transferring money to someone else’s bank account by mistake is easily done, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But it’s a lot harder to fix.

Why everyone should have an Isa

The new individual savings account is a great way to shield your investments from tax, says David Thornton. There really is no excuse not to have one.

Don’t listen to Mark Carney’s ‘forward guidance’

Following the Bank of England’s ‘forecasts’ is, at best, pointless, says Bengt Saelensminde. But it can also be very damaging to your wealth.

A guide to the all-new Nisa

The Isa’s new incarnation, the Nisa, is a big improvement. Used wisely, it will shield even more of your money from the taxman. Ed Bowsher explains why and what you should put in it.

Welcome to the new and improved Isa

Merryn Somerset Webb looks at the pros and cons of the ‘New Isa’, the bigger, better version of the tax-efficient savings wrapper that most of us know and love.

Every investor should have one of these – and now they’ve just got better

From 1 July, the tax-free individual savings account gets a major overhaul. John Stepek explains what the changes are, and how they will affect you.

Tesco launches current account offering 3% interest

Tesco Bank, the supermarket giant’s banking arm, has launched its first current account, giving customers 3% interest on balances up to £3,000.

The top current accounts for interest

For the first time in years, savers can now get the better of inflation. Here’s a round-up of the current accounts offering the best rates.

What you need to know about Isas and penny shares

David Thornton runs through the new Isa rules, and tell you how he thinks you should approach investing in a tax-free ‘wrapper’.

Saving for retirement: Isas versus Sipps

Sipps offer more generous tax breaks overall, but Isas are more flexible. So, which is better? Cris Sholto Heaton investigates.

George Osborne, anarchist

Trying to stay one step ahead of the financial industry is a losing battle, says Bengt Saelensminde. It’s time for a novel approach.

Go for quality when investing, not just the tax advantages

Investing solely for tax purposes can end up costing you dearly, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Cash Isas: Get a better rate on your savings

The times when savers could easily get more than 5% in a cash Isa are long gone. So keeping an eye on the top deals and switching accounts as necessary is critical. Here’s how to make the best of a bad situation.

Funds Isas: How to pick the best platform for you

Picking an Isa to hold your funds can be simple if you go about it the right way. There are dozens of platforms, but only a handful will offer the best deal.

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