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Roaring back

Trump's tax plans will jump-start the US economy

  • How Bernie Madoff cornered the market for hot chocolate

One of Trump’s better ideas

Lost among some of Donald Trump’s more questionable statements was the proposal to scrap the tax deductibility of interest expenses.

The only question that matters for investors on Trump’s inauguration day

Donald Trump is seen as “business friendly”. But that won‘t necessarily mean soaring markets or record returns. For investors, there’s just one thing they need to know, says John Stepek.

The Tories cosying up to Trump

Donald Trump goes on the charm offensive when it comes to dealing with Britain. Matthew Partridge reports.

Can Trump really make America great again?

The US has a new president unlike any other – what are the implications for investors of The Donald’s dominion? Rupert Foster reports.

Did Russia meddle in the US election?

Theories that Russian intelligence had some kompromat on Donald Trump have been circulating for a long time.

Trump’s rhetoric marks the start of global trade war

Donald Trump’s sabre rattling against China could spark a trade war between the tow countries that coiuld quickly envelop the rest of the globe.

Will this bull market end with a whimper – or a catastrophic bang?

US stocks are expensive, but they’re not in bubble territory yet. Unfortunately, one far more important asset class is, says John Stepek. And when it collapses, it could pull everything down with it.

May must declare her hand

Prime minister Theresa May seems intent on keep her cards close to her chest despite signs that patience is wearing thin.

Trump gives festive cheer to America

Investors are feeling bullish in American markets as the new year brings with it a Donald Trump presidency, says Andrew Van Sickle.

Could Donald Trump be America’s Maggie Thatcher?

According to one of the world’s most successful investors, there are parallels between Margaret Thatcher’s rise to power in Britain and Donald Trump becoming US president. John Stepek explains.

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