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The 'flash crash' plot to crash the market

What caused US stocks to swoon in the 2010 “flash crash”? American investigators think it was a chap working from his bedroom in Hounslow. Are they serious? Simon Wilson reports.

US riots show need for political control of policing

Clear political control of police forces is needed on both sides of the Atlantic.

US stocks heading for a slip

Despite the Nasdaq hitting a new high for the first time in 15 years, US stocks are overdue a correction.

Is Clinton the right candidate for the Democrats?

While Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy credentials are impressive, where she stands in domestic terms is rather less clear.

Could liquidity dry up in US Treasuries?

Declining liquidity in US Treasuries – the global ‘safe-haven’ asset – could have unpredictable consequences.

Obama’s Americas summit is good for our investments

The recent historic Summit of the Americas is great news for long-term investors in Latin America. James McKeigue explains why.

Dollar debt: a game of Russian roulette

A stronger dollar, and the higher interest rates that go with it, is bad news for emerging markets.

Investors beware: the masters of the universe are making deals again

A frenzy of companies buying and merging with other companies is underway. As John Stepek explains, that should tell you a thing or two about the state of the stockmarket.

Are we heading for another financial crisis?

Try as it might, the Federal Reserve can’t keep the coming crisis at bay forever.

Chart of the week: the return of inflation

While official data shows inflation has turned negative in the US, a more up-to-date online reading suggests prices are set to rebound.

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