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US stocks: the bears will have their day – but not yet

Despite poor jobs data for August, US stocks ticked up anyway, as the news means that the US Federal Reserve is highly unlikely to raise interest rates until December at the earliest.

Chart of the week: America’s cheese glut

The US cheese mountain has hit a 30-year high, with a billion pounds of excess cheese locked away in cold storage.

Is the US heading for a slump?

The US should be on the brink of a new recession if history is any guide. But we shouldn’t be too quick jump to conclusions.

Zero-coupon perpetual bonds: this April Fool is no joke

When the US Treasury considered zero-coupon perpetual bonds years ago, it was greeted as a joke. Not now, says Edward Chancellor.

US inflation is gathering strength

Jobs growth in the US can’t carry on at the current rapid rate without a rise in wages – and inflation.

What if there is no “new normal”?

The popular view of the global economy is that we’re experiencing a “new normal” – low yields, low productivity and long-term stagnation. But, says John Stepek, that’s not necessarily true.

Abby Joseph Cohen: optimistic on Wall Street

Wall Street strategist Abby Joseph Cohen is keen on the US economy. But the bond market is another matter.

The Fed bottles it yet again

The US Federal Reserve isn’t about to raise interest rates, and you can forget about a rate rise this side of summer. That, says John Stepek, is good news for this once contrarian play.

When will the Fed raise rates?

Good news for investors trying to work out the US Federal Reserve’s next interest-rate move. It’s just become a lot easier to predict. The bad news is why.

The bump in the road

The US economy is picking and things look to be slowly getting back to normal, says John Stepek. There’s just one catch – and it’s a big one.

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