US economy

Central banks diverge

Monetary policy in the world’s two biggest economies looks set to go their separate ways.

Burger King tie-up sparks tax row

Burger King’s takeover of Canada’s Tim Hortons coffee and doughnut chain has drawn flack from tax critics.

S&P 500 index hits a milestone

America’s S&P 500 has crossed the 2,000 mark against a backdrop of uncertainty.

Can Obama curb police militarisation?

President Obama has pleaded for calm after police in Ferguson, Missouri deployed heavy weaponry to quell rioting.

Jeffrey Gundlach: QE will return to American by 2020

The so-called ‘King of bonds’ Jeffrey Gundlach warns of trouble down the line for the US economy.

Buzzfeed gets fed another $50m

Popular website Buzzfeed has been given a huge cash boost to take on the online media sector.

Three ways to profit from a stronger US dollar

America’s impressive recovery can only mean one thing – it’s time to raise interest rates. John Stepek reveals three ways to play the rising greenback.

How Jim Koch turned a family recipe into a $500m industry

Budweiser, Miller and Coors dominated the American beer market before Jim Koch came along with his nineteenth-century family recipe.

Will an interest-rate rise hit US stocks?

American stocks have hit new all-time highs, but things could get tricky from here.

Watch out – higher interest rates are on the way

As America’s economy picks up, we can expect monetary policy to get tighter. That means higher interest rates – and bad news for the markets. John Stepek explains why.

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