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What if there is no “new normal”?

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The popular view of the global economy is that we’re experiencing a “new normal” – low yields, low productivity and long-term stagnation. But, says John Stepek, that’s not necessarily true.

The Fed bottles it yet again

The US Federal Reserve isn't about to raise interest rates, and you can forget about a rate rise this side of summer. That, says John Stepek, is good news for [...]

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When will the Fed raise rates?

Good news for investors trying to work out the US Federal Reserve’s next interest-rate move. It’s just become a lot easier to predict. The bad news is why.

The bump in the road

The US economy is picking and things look to be slowly getting back to normal, says John Stepek. There’s just one catch – and it’s a big one.

Expect US inflation to keep rising – that’s what the Fed wants

Markets may be feeling jittery as the next Federal Reserve meeting approaches. But John Stepek explains why interest rates won’t be rising anytime soon.

The end of the American Dream

The middle class in America is in crisis, with incomes falling and life expectancy worsening. Why? And what can be done about it? Simon Wilson reports.

Hawkish Fed spooks global markets

Earnings and valuations are unappealing, while another headwind is an increasingly hawkish central bank, says Andrew Van Sickle.

Why I’m not voting in the US elections

The lesser of two evils? I choose not to vote for evil at all, says Bill Bonner.

This scary chart suggests a crash might be around the corner

The US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy is doing nothing but harm, says John Stepek. The chickens will soon be coming home to roost. Here, he explains why.

Is TTIP off the table?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has met with opposition from French President François Hollande and from the public. Can it be salvaged? Simon Wilson reports.

Chart of the week: America’s cheese mountain

Thanks to bumper US production and cheap European imports, America is being buried under a mountain of cheese.

Where next for US interest rates?

Last Friday’s US payrolls data fell short of expectations. So, what does that mean for interest rates, asks Andew Van Sickle.

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