US economy

Markets wobble on Yellen’s debut

Janet Yellen’s first press conference as Federal Reserve head knocked 1% off America’s benchmark index.

Jeremy Grantham: US blows a stockmarket bubble

A new bubble is developing in American stocks, says veteran investor Jeremy Grantham.

Chart of the week: The return of big bonuses

Bonuses paid out by Wall Street banks took a hit in the aftermath of the financial crisis. But now, they have resumed their steady climb.

Alibaba heads for New York

The listing of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba is expected to be one of America’s biggest.

What’s wrong with gentrification?

Refugees from the Sixties counter-culture in San Francisco have been blockading ‘Google buses’ in protest at ‘gentrification’. What’s their beef? Simon Wilson investigates.

How the Fed conquered the markets

For almost three decades, US interest rates have been falling. But here, Bengt Saelensminde looks at a chart that should give investors pause for thought.

QE can never end – and Janet Yellen knows it

New Fed chief Janet Yellen knows full well the money printing can’t stop. But the problem is, says Bengt Saelensminde – now the market knows it too.

Does the US election cycle herald a stock market boom?

Watchful stock-market investors could profit by keeping an eye on the US presidential cycle.

Janet Yellen takes the reins at the US Federal Reserve

Janet Yellen has sought to sooth market worries in her new role at the head of the Federal Reserve.

For the USA, unemployment is the new normal

Ever more out-of-work Americans have given up looking for jobs, flattering employment figures.

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