US economy

Frightening times for fat cats

Why lower pay for bosses could be good for investors

  • What's best: value investing or growth investing?

Who will prosper under Trump?

Now that the markets have got over the shock of a Trump victory in the US presidential election, David C Stevenson looks at which funds to buy.

Investing in the era of Trumpflation

Charlie Morris tells Merryn Somerset Webb what has and hasn’t changed for investors as a result of Donald Trump’s victory, and what to do about it.

Forget Brexit, here's what investors should really be worrying about

Brexit is a serious business, says John Stepek. But it’s not that important for now. If you really want something to worry about, look to the strong US dollar.

Is this the start of a dollar bull market?

Donald Trump’s election victory has pushed the US dollar higher – something that could last for at least the next few months, says Andrew Van Sickle.

Forget the EU – let’s tilt towards Trump

A Donald Trump presidency alongside Brexit presents the City with a great opportunity, says Matthew Lynn. But it’s got to show that it wants it.

Investors still divided over Trump

Investors are still trying to get the measure of Donald Trump one week after he won the race to the White House.

Fortress America: will Trump splurge on security?

Donald Trump wants to “make America safe again”, so expect a spending surge on an already dysfunctional arm of government. But there is an upside for investors, says Jonathan Compton.

Donald Trump, the central bankers' champion

Central bankers have been asking for years for a little help from their governments, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Donald Trump is going to give it to them.

The Trumping of the rent-seekers

Trump’s assault on vested interests won him the White House. Now we must see if he will grab the opportunity to really make America great again, says Edward Chancellor.

So much for experts – here's why the market loves Trump

Despite fears of a meltdown after Donald Trump’s US election victory, the Dow Jones rose to an all-time high. John Stepek explains why the markets love him so much.

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