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How the Tootsie Roll became America's favourite sweet

Austrian immigrant Leo Hirshfield came up with a novel solution to the problem of melting chocolate 119 years ago – the Tootsie Roll.

US earnings crumble

US stocks have hit new record highs despite the deteriorating earnings outlook for American companies.

The great corporate tax dodge

President Obama wants America to clamp down on businesses avoiding their taxes. Can he succeed? And how big a problem is it anyway? Matthew Partridge reports.

US economy delivers jobs and pay rise

America created over one million jobs in three months – the first time this has occurred since the late 1990s boom.

Chart of the day: The deepening divide in America

The wealth divide in America has grown since the financial crisis, as middle-class incomes fall behind.

US profits melt away

The falling price of oil and the strengthening dollar have taken their toll on US corporate profits.

Obama launches a tax raid

US president Barack Obama’s plan to tax the foreign earnings of American companies has proved controversial.

Rising dollar dents profits

Several US multinationals have taken hits to their profits due to the strengthening greenback.

The dollar will keep climbing

The greenback has hit a multi-year high against over major currencies, with more to come.

Will Obama’s overtures change Cuba?

President Barack Obama has paved the way for change in Cuba by normalising relations.

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