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If these guys are right, the S&P 500 could fall below its 2008 low

The turmoil we’ve seen in the markets could be a taster of far worse things to come. So says investment guru Albert Edwards. Is he right? John Stepek investigates.

Why markets didn’t like the strong US jobs data

The US economy added nearly 300,000 jobs last month. But markets weren’t impressed. John Stepek explains why better job prospects may not be a good thing for stocks.

Our bold prediction for the US economy…

Janet Yellen will never seriously tighten US interest rates, says Bill Bonner. At the first sign of trouble, she will turn tail and run.

America opens the oil taps

President Barack Obama has lifted the country’s 1975 ban on crude oil exports. What does this mean for the oil price? Simon Wilson reports.

US interest rates: after the lift-off, the crash?

US interest rates have finally been raised. But years of ultra-loose monetary policy have blown up bubbles all over the place. How long before they burst?

It’s the end of an era: what happens now?

With US interest rates raised for the first time in nearly ten years, what happens next? John Stepek looks at what could surprise the markets in 2016.

Brace yourself for a US rate rise

An American rate rise looks to be imminent following the release of healthy US jobs data.

Will the Fed really raise interest rates?

Investment guru Jeffrey Gundlach thinks the December American interest-rate rise is anything but a done deal.

Where next for the dollar?

Despite poor manufacturing data, the US dollar is closing in on its 12-year high last seen in April.

Donald Trump: indulging in James Bond fantasies

Donald Trump may be a buffoon, but he represents the rise of the Republican far right, and its desire to shoot its way out of any problem.

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