US economy

Supply glut sends oil price tumbling below $80

The price of oil has continued to fall, while Saudi Arabia resists cutting back on production.

The verdict on American QE

The Federal Reserve has brought to a close an unprecedented monetary experiment.

Will inflation in America finally take off?

A number of indicators point to rising prices in the US.

Disillusioned voters turn on Obama

Barack Obama will spend the next two years grappling with a hostile Congress after the Senate falls to the Republicans. Emily Hohler reports.

US mid-term elections: the lowdown for investors

Victory in America’s mid-term elections handed the Republicans control of both houses of Congress. Matthew Partridge looks at what it means for investors.

Money printing is ending in the US – what happens now?

America’s quantitative easing programme is coming to an end. John Stepek looks at what this means for the US economy, and for the markets.

QE is over: say goodbye to the Fed's fairy dust

The Federal Reserve has finally pulled the plug on money printing. Merryn Somerset Webb explains what that means for your wealth.

It’s time for stockmarkets to go into rehab

Stockmarkets are struggling to ween themselves off central bank money-printing.

Chart of the week: Paying a high price for love

While the cost of getting hitched in America has fallen in inflation-adjusted term, nuptial celebrations still cost $25,000 on average.

Bill Gross: Recovery to remain 'puny'

Investors can expect more of the same, according to the ‘Bond King’ Bill Gross.

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