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Is TTIP off the table?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has met with opposition from French President François Hollande and from the public. Can it be salvaged? Simon Wilson reports.

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Chart of the week: America’s cheese mountain

Thanks to bumper US production and cheap European imports, America is being buried under a mountain of cheese.

Where next for US interest rates?

Last Friday’s US payrolls data fell short of expectations. So, what does that mean for interest rates, asks Andew Van Sickle.

Stocks don’t care who the president is

Tune out all the breathless talk about what Trump or Clinton could mean for stocks, says Andrew Van Sickle. The market doesn’t care who’s in the White House.

Never mind the weak US jobs data – keep an eye on inflation

Friday’s disappointing US employment figures gave the Fed the perfect reason to leave interest rates alone. But with wages up and commodity prices bouncing back, we could soon see the return of inflation, says John Stepek.

A strong rebound in the eurozone

Despite its down-at-heel reputation, the eurozone is looking surprisingly sprightly.

A 'false dusk' for the American economy

For the third year in a row, the American economy suffered a poor first quarter. Andrew Van Sickle explains why things aren’t quite as bad as they seem.

What could spook this ageing bull?

America’s bull market is on track to become the second-longest running. How much longer can it last, asks Andrew Van Sickle.

Albert Edwards: recession is inevitable

A recession in America is on the way, thinks investment guru Albert Edwards, whatever the Federal Reserve decides to do next.

Super-low interests rates aren't good for anyone

The very policy designed to kick start growth in the economy could end up stalling it, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The junkies hooked on printed money

To what extent the US stockmarket is a “monetary policy junkie” getting a high from the central bank?

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