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What the currency wars mean for the dollar and the pound

The currency wars are raging once again. Dominic Frisby looks at where the dollar will be heading next, and what that means for the pound.

US interest rates set for lift-off

The first rise in US interest rates for nearly a decade is looming, reports Andrew Van Sickle.

Puerto Rico goes bust

The US territory in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, has missed a $58m debt payment, two months after warning that it could no longer cope with its debt load.

The extraordinary history of the Texas Waggoner ranch

It’s hoped that the sale of the ginormous Waggoner ranch in Texas will settle a family feud that has been rumbling for over a hundred years.

Chart of the week: is this the start of the bond crunch?

The commodities crunch is sparking problems in another market – junk bonds, as this chart shows.

When will the Fed raise rates? And what does it mean for your money?

The US Federal Reserve is thinking of raising interest rates. John Stepek looks at how that would affect the global economy – and your money.

Chart of the week: the end of America’s buyback boom

A downturn in profit growth has put paid to America’s share buyback frenzy.

US interest rates set to rise

The first US interest-rate rise since 2006 is looks to be just a few months away.

US stocks face headwinds

A disappointing earnings season will weigh heavily on US stocks.

US buyback binge is on borrowed time

Using debt to return cash to shareholders has never been more popular in America.

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