US economy

Push for profits

Invest with the activists to earn higher returns, says Matthew Partridge

Will US profits run out of steam?

America’s biggest companies produced a second successive quarter of double-digit profit growth for the first time since 2011 – but it’s hard to be optimistic about where profits are going.

What does Trump’s surprising debt deal mean for your money?

Donald Trump’s deal with the Democrats to raise the US debt ceiling surprised markets. John Stepek looks at what the president’s opportunistic move could mean.

The depression you've probably never heard of

The 1920/21 depression was a whopper, with US stocks falling by almost 50%. But now, it’s all but forgotten. John Stepek asks what we can learn from it.

How bad is America’s opioid crisis?

Donald Trump says that an epidemic of opioid addiction in the US is a “national emergency”. How bad is the problem and what should be done? Simon Wilson reports.

Bill Nygren: The bull has further to run

Oakmark Select’s Bill Nygren agrees that US stocks are expensive – but not overvalued.

Stocks slip – but will they keep sliding?

American stocks have taken a tumble, but the global bull market has further to run, says Andrew Van Sickle.

Chart of the week: America’s retail revolution

The trend towards online shopping is taking its biggest toll on the high street across the Atlantic, thousands of shops closing every year.

The charts that matter suggest that investors are nervous

John Stepek explains why the gold price spiked up last week, and catches up with the action in the other markets.

US stocks may be more overvalued than they’ve ever been before

It’s no secret that US stocks have been expensive for quite some time, says John Stepek. But even so, few investors realise quite how eye-wateringly expensive they’ve become.

How the credit crunch of 1966 set the tone for central banks

John Stepek looks back at the 1966 credit crunch – the first important financial crisis of the post-war period, which set an unhealthy pattern for the future.

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