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Chart of the week: the end of America’s buyback boom

A downturn in profit growth has put paid to America’s share buyback frenzy.

US interest rates set to rise

The first US interest-rate rise since 2006 is looks to be just a few months away.

US stocks face headwinds

A disappointing earnings season will weigh heavily on US stocks.

US buyback binge is on borrowed time

Using debt to return cash to shareholders has never been more popular in America.

Could higher interest rates in the US boost growth?

Economists have started to wonder if keeping interest rates low in the US is doing more harm than good.

Donald Trump guns for the US presidency

Donald Trump’s nomination as Republican candidate for the US presidency is a gift for cartoonists. But should we really write him off?

What the share buyback frenzy is telling us

US firms are buying their own shares in record numbers, but there are potential long-term costs.

Steer clear of US stocks

Conditions are ripe for a US stockmarket crash, says Merryn Somerset Webb. You have been warned.

Is US inflation set to jump?

Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen has hinted at a rise in interest rates that could see a surge in US inflation.

Jeremy Grantham: The Fed blows a bubble

Investment guru Jeremy Grantham has warned that US stocks are almost in bubble territory.

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