US economy

Jeffrey Gundlach: QE will return to American by 2020

The so-called ‘King of bonds’ Jeffrey Gundlach warns of trouble down the line for the US economy.

Buzzfeed gets fed another $50m

Popular website Buzzfeed has been given a huge cash boost to take on the online media sector.

Three ways to profit from a stronger US dollar

America’s impressive recovery can only mean one thing – it’s time to raise interest rates. John Stepek reveals three ways to play the rising greenback.

How Jim Koch turned a family recipe into a $500m industry

Budweiser, Miller and Coors dominated the American beer market before Jim Koch came along with his nineteenth-century family recipe.

Will an interest-rate rise hit US stocks?

American stocks have hit new all-time highs, but things could get tricky from here.

Watch out – higher interest rates are on the way

As America’s economy picks up, we can expect monetary policy to get tighter. That means higher interest rates – and bad news for the markets. John Stepek explains why.

BNP and Barclays misbehave

Regulators in America have levied heavy fines on the banks for breaching its rules.

Side with the inflationistas

Inflation is finally happening in America, but the Federal Reserve can’t see it. That may mean raising interest rates earlier and further than expected, which could cause severe turbulence for stocks and bonds.

A 'political earthquake' revives the Tea Party

The defeat of Eric Cantor in the Republican Primary in Virginia has sent shock waves through the political class.

Chart of the week: America’s long, slow jobs recovery

Employment in America has hit a new peak more than six years after the last high – twice as long as any other post-war recovery.

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