Bitcoin – the 21st century digital currency

Bitcoin is the global online peer-to-peer currency. Free from the interference of regulators and nation states, it has seen its value soar against traditional paper currencies.

Revealed at last, the man behind bitcoin… or is it?

In what looked like the scoop of the year, Newsweek proclaimed that it had uncovered the identity of Bitcoin’s mysterious creator, ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. But doubts soon emerged.

Does this $350m disaster spell the end for bitcoin?

The collapse of MtGox, the world’s first and largest bitcoin exchange, has sent the value of the cryptocurrency into freefall. Dominic Frisby looks at what the future holds for bitcoin.

How bitcoin could be as revolutionary as the internet

The digital currency will be as big a gamechanger as the internet, says Ken Tindell. Here, he reveals why.

What is bitcoin and how does it work?

Bitcoin, the digital currency, has whipped up a frenzy of excitement among speculators. Ken Tindell explains how it works.

London must seize the opportunity and embrace bitcoins

The City, with its long tradition of expertise in innovative, global finance, is the natural centre for trading and investing in digital money, says Matthew Lynn.

The best new currency in 6,000 years

Who knows where digital money might take us, asks Bill Bonner.

Are cryptocurrencies the new dotcom stocks?

Bitcoin, namecoin, worldcoin – the number of digital currencies is exploding. Dominic Frisby looks at ‘cryptocurrencies’ and asks if we’re at the start of a new dotcom-style hysteria.

Why I’m ‘buggish’ on bitcoin

Bill Bonner’s keen on bitcoin – for exactly the same reason the Feds aren’t.

Bitcoin could destroy the dollar

Publicly, the feds are playing it cool towards bitcoin, says Bill Bonner. Privately, they must be sweating.

How long can bitcoin’s spectacular rise continue?

If you’d bought some bitcoins a few years ago, you could now be very rich. Dominic Frisby investigates how much longer the digital currency’s spectacular run can continue.

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