Bitcoin – the 21st century digital currency

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The war on cash

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Bitcoin – the 21st century digital currency

Bitcoin is the global online peer-to-peer currency. Free from the interference of regulators and nation states, it has seen its value soar against traditional paper currencies.

The war on cash is just getting started

There’s no end to the ammunition available to central banks in the war on cash, says John Stepek. They could end up turning the whole system on its head.

The dark side of cash

The shady world of terrorist financing could open a whole new front in the government’s war on cash, says Natalie Stanton.

This simple ratio will give you a fair value for bitcoin

The ‘network to fees ratio’ can help you calculate a fair value for bitcoin based on facts, says Charlie Morris. Not guesswork and prejudice.

How do you go about valuing bitcoin?

When valuing bitcoin, you have to decide whether it’s a currency, a commodity or a tech stock. The trouble is, it has elements of all three, says Charlie Morris.

The future for electronic bearer certificates

Inspired by bitcoin, electronic bearer certificates are gaining momentum with the roll out of blockchain technology. It could even replace cash, says Charlie Morris.

Banks embrace the blockchain

Banks – normally terrified of bitcoin – are embracing the brave new world of the blockchain, says Charlie Morris.

Bitcoin and the blockchain

The true genius of bitcoin is the blockchain – a database designed to transact, rather than store information. Charlie Morris explains.

Can bitcoin save music?

The internet revolution has made it harder for musicians to make a living from their work. But it’s not all bad news for the industry, says Simon Wilson.

Join the bitcoin revolution

Bitcoin has yet to go mainstream, but it will eventually turn our whole way of life upside down. Dominic Frisby asks whether it’s time to invest in the digital currency.

Dominic is wrong – the time is ripe for digital gold

James Turk, founder of GoldMoney (recently acquired by BitGold), responds to Dominic Frisby’s take on BitGold.

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