Industrial metals

Palladium’s perfect storm

All the signs are there for a sharp rise in the price of palladium.

How to profit from the plunging copper price

The price of copper has been falling since 2011. It’s down over 30% from its peak. Dominic Frisby looks at what’s behind the slump, and picks out a low-risk trade.

Commodity markets are 'captives of a Chinese saga'

The slowdown in China’s economy sees the price of copper slide to a four-year low.

Iron ore price meltdown will continue

Iron ore, the main raw material used in steelmaking, is officially in a bear market, having slid in price by more than 20% since the start of the year.

Is this the return of the commodities supercycle?

This year has so far been a promising one for commodities. Where should investors hunt for profits? John Stepek chairs our Roundtable of experts to find out what they’re buying now.

Uranium finds a floor

Having hit an eight-year low, get ready for a rise in the price of uranium.

Investors couldn’t care less about uranium – that’s a very bullish sign

Nobody is interested in uranium. Investors have fled the sector, and exploration has dried up. But that’s a good sign for canny investors, says Dominic Frisby.

Metals prices are falling – so why is now a great time to buy mining stocks?

It’s been a bad year for metals prices – and the outlook remains grim. But now could be a good time to buy mining stocks, says Matthew Partridge.

Here’s one precious metal that looks set to surge this year

Palladium was one of the few metals to rise in price last year. And it could be set to rise further in 2014, says Dominic Frisby. Here’s the best way to play it.

The rally in the copper price won’t last

Chinese demand for copper won’t be enough to keep the price rising.

This commodity is despised – but is a stealth bull market taking shape?

Miners have had it tough lately. And one sector in particular has been badly beaten up. But despite all the gloom, a ‘stealth bull market’ could be forming.

The best 'taper trade'

Metals prices rose across the board following the Federal Reserve’s decision to keep printing.

Europe's recovery drives the platinum bounce

Platinum has bounced off June’s three-year low of $1,300 an ounce, and should rise further, thanks to Europe’s industrial recovery.

The dullest metal in the world could also be one of the most profitable

The world could soon suffer a shortage of a key industrial metal. Dominic Frisby explains why, and picks the best bets in the sector.

One stock that will profit from China’s slowdown

China’s slowing economy is bad news for commodity producers. But it’s great news for commodity consumers, says Matthew Partridge. Here, he picks one stock that is set to benefit.

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