Oil price slides below $100

The price of oil has fallen into double digits, but don’t expect it to last.

Oil: expect a supply shock

Conflict in the Middle East could contribute to rising oil prices.

How to benefit from falling oil prices

The geopolitical situation is ugly, and yet, the oil price has fallen hard. John Stepek explains what’s going on and what it means for your investments.

Why oil prices have fallen

Geopolitical tensions have weighed on the price of oil, but the market looks well supplied.

Hedge your portfolio against global conflict

It won’t take much to set off a domino-effect that leads to markets crashing. Bengt Saelensminde explains an easy way to protect your portfolio.

How you could make money from fracking without buying shares in an oil company

Matthew Partridge explains how you could cash in by helping the fracking industry work more cleanly and efficiently.

Are we heading for another oil crisis?

The fear is that disruptions to supply because of the insurrection in Iraq could cause a spike in the oil price. Is that fear justified?

After Iraq: what next for oil?

The latest crisis in Iraq has raised concerns over the long-term affects on the country’s oil production.

How should you respond to the crisis in Iraq?

The extremist group, Isis, has cut into large swathes of Iraq. What effect will the latest developments have on oil prices, and should investors be worried? Matthew Partridge reports.

Profit from China’s war on pollution

China’s growth has been achieved at the cost of crippling pollution. With Beijing starting to crack down, Matthew Partridge looks at how you can profit, and picks six stocks to buy now.

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