Big oil’s bargain hunt

Shell’s £47bn bid for BG suggests the oil sector is set for another round of major deals. But investors should avoid getting carried away, says John Stepek.

Energy: the MoneyWeek view

May 2015: Oil rebound unlikely to last Oil prices have bounced in the past few days, but a return to $100 seems unlikely for now. More Iranian oil could soon hit the market, and Russia has kept output above anticipated levels. Supply remains ample, and lower prices have yet to boost demand.

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The Shell BG deal will be the first of many – which oil giant is next?

Shell’s takeover of BG Group will spark a wave of mergers in the energy sector. John Stepek asks – who will be next?

Are oil prices about to bounce back?

Oil prices have continued to yo-yo over the past few days, with a bounce induced by the conflict in Yemen fading.

The oil price has bottomed out – here’s why

The price of oil has been flattened since last summer. Now it’s hit rock bottom. John Stepek explains why you should get ready for a rebound in the price.

Two tricks to help you buy stocks at the bottom

Buying shares at their cheapest requires a two-pronged approach, says Bengt Saelensminde – as this contrarian play demonstrates.

If you want to make money in oil, you need to understand this concept

Not all resource stocks are created equal, says Bengt Saelensminde. And this crucial concept can help you identify which businesses to invest in and which ones to avoid.

Oil price heads lower again

The oil price has fallen once more after America increased its supply of crude.

In Mexico, 50 billion barrels of oil are up for grabs

Mexico’s government is shaking up its oil industry. That’s going to provide plenty of opportunities for investors, says James McKeigue.

Oil price bubbles up again – how high will it go?

The oil price is on the rise again. But don’t expect it to go far.

Forget deflation – inflation is still a far bigger risk for the UK

Everybody’s talking about inflation turning negative in Britain. But what people don’t realise, says John Stepek, is that everything points to an unexpected rise in prices.

Looking for a contrarian bet? Try this battered oil play

Oil companies have been battered by the slide in the oil price. But this stock is well placed to ride out the storm, says Matthew Partridge.

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