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Africa: a market to be reckoned with

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Energy: the MoneyWeek view

July 2015: Iran could add to supply glut The outlook for oil is increasingly bearish. If negotiations over Iran's nuclear programme are successful, that would lead to increased exports of Iranian oil. With the market already oversupplied, this could push prices as low as $40-$50 per barrel.

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Oil prices have crashed again – but don’t expect it to last

The oil price had been staging a comeback. But now it’s taken another tumble. Matthew Partridge looks at how far it might fall, and how you could profit.

Fracking rejected in Blackpool

The nascent UK fracking industry has suffered a major setback following Cuadrilla’s failed bid to drill four exploratory wells.

'Another Russia' will keep a lid on the oil price

Applying shale techniques to mature conventional oil fields could tap another 140 billion barrels worldwide.

Chart of the week: Oil bounces, but don’t expect a surge

Benchmark Brent oil futures have bounced by 40%, but aren’t likely to surge back to the $100 a barrel region anytime soon.

How to profit from the oil price rally

After sliding to well under $50 a barrel, the oil price has bounced back. Matthew Partridge explains why, and looks at how much further the rally has to go.

How David Lenigas struck oil in Gatwick and became 'Britain’s JR'

Miner turned businessman, David Lenigas has people worried in England’s southeast over his plans to drill for oil.

Big oil’s bargain hunt

Shell’s £47bn bid for BG suggests the oil sector is set for another round of major deals. But investors should avoid getting carried away, says John Stepek.

Will the deal with Iran dampen oil prices?

Th deal with Iran paves the way for a resumption of oil exports, raising the prospect of yet more oil hitting an already oversupplied market.

The Shell BG deal will be the first of many – which oil giant is next?

Shell’s takeover of BG Group will spark a wave of mergers in the energy sector. John Stepek asks – who will be next?

Are oil prices about to bounce back?

Oil prices have continued to yo-yo over the past few days, with a bounce induced by the conflict in Yemen fading.

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