Choose an easy-to-repair car

Last week’s fuel duty rises have done the motorist’s pocket no favours. But it is possible to save money elsewhere. If you’re buying a car, “choose a model that will be easy to repair and which has a well-known name”, says Melanie Wright in The Daily Telegraph. That way parts will be cheaper and easier to find. And don’t modify your car once you’ve bought it. If you must have all the latest bells and whistles, choose a car that comes with them as standard. “Enhancing the performance of your car or fitting expensive accessories can ring alarm bells with your insurer,” says Asia Manzoor of eSure in The Daily Telegraph.

Get smart about water use

Rates are rising, with increases of around 4.1% across the country. If you have a water meter then cut down on your water use. And if you don’t, cut back on the amount of hot water you use to reduce your gas or electricity bill. One of the best ways to cut water use is to get a water butt. The rain water you collect can be used to water plants, wash the car, and even fill your pet’s water bowl. Dogs apparently even prefer rain water to the chlorinated version that comes from the mains supply.

Cheap things to do this bank holiday

For cheap things to do this bank holiday visit, which will email you a free ’50 Free Days Out’ report. Or try, advises Melanie Wright in The Sunday Telegraph. This site lists interesting places in England that are free to visit.

Plan ahead to cut the cost of days out

Cut the cost of days out by planning ahead, says Wright. It would cost a family of four £92 for entry to Thorpe Park at the gate, but if you book online in advance it is just £82.

Reduce the cost of DIY

Easter weekend is a popular time to do a bit of DIY, as many hospital casualty units will confirm. Cut the cost by checking for cheap deals on tools and supplies, says Which? Money. If you are over 60, it’s worth joining B&Q’s money-saving members club. Members get a 10% discount on all goods every Wednesday and membership is free with proof of age. Go to, or visit a B&Q store for more information.

Shop cheaply

If you are planning a shopping trip this Easter then pick up a copy of Marie Claire, says Martin Lewis on It contains a voucher for 20% off shopping done on the French Connection website. Or buy Elle magazine to get a £15 Kurt Geiger gift card. Superdrug shoppers can get 10% off online purchases until 18 November by entering abbey100809 at the online checkout.

This week’s meal deals

This week’s meal deals include 2-for-1 at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Just register and print the voucher at You can have two main courses and a bottle of wine for £20 at Bella Italia. But get a voucher first at