Book, film and theatre reviews

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MoneyWeek's film theatre and book reviews – A look at some of the best financial books on the shelves at the moment, plus film and theatre reviews.

A peek inside the world of Davos Man

Cover Nothing But A Circus: Misadventures Among The Powerful

Book review: Nothing But A Circus: Misadventures Among The Powerful
Daniel Levin gives a good taste of the world of the rich and powerful, says Matthew Partridge.

Book of the week: A look back at Britain's currency crisis

Cover of When Britain Went Bust

Book review: When Britain Went Bust
This is an extremely readable account of a moment when domestic politics and global finance collided.

A succession of enmities

Cover of Margaret Thatcher

Book review: Margaret Thatcher: A Life and Legacy
This lastest biography of the late prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, is a masterpiece of compression.

Book of the week: Get ready for peak globalisation


Book review: The Retreat of Globalisation
We’ve reached peak globalisation, reckons Gervais Williams. From now here on in, the environment for international trade will be much less favourable.

Life in the rustbelt

Cover of Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by JD Vance

Book review: Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis
Talk about poverty in the US and you’ll think of inner-city Detroit or Baltimore, says Matthew Partridge. But over the past decade, the areas that have done the worst are in the “rustbelt”.

Television review: Billions

Billions © Sky

Glossy financial drama Billions was one of the big American television hits of last year. Matthew Partridge gives his thoughts.

The five best books of 2016

Cover of The Man Who Knew: The Life and Times of Alan Greenspan

Matthew Partridge casts his eye back over the five best books of 2016 for MoneyWeek readers.

An infectious look at the life of Hamilton


Theatre review: Hamilton: An American Musical
Are you ready for a show about a loudmouth, promiscuous American politician? No, not Trump, says Matthew Partridge – America’s first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton.

Who would have thought it possible: an amusing lecture on tax

Tax isn’t the most obvious topic for a comedy skit, yet somehow Dominic Frisby pulls it off, says John Stepek.

The drama of banking in three acts

Cover of British Banking:

Book review: British Banking: Continuity And Change From 1694 To The Present
Look past the price and British Banking is an accessible book for the curious general reader, says Matthew Partridge.

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