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A witty guide to the world of Bitcoin

Cover of 'Bitcoin, the future of nmoney?'

Book review: Bitcoin: The Future of Money?
Find out how Bitcoin is set to revolutionise the world in Dominic Frisby’s witty and engaging new book, says Matthew Partridge.

What dating tells you about markets

Cover of Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Economics I Learned from Online Dating

Book review: Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Economics I Learned from Online Dating
Can economic theory help you to find love? Matthew Partridge reviews Paul Oyer’s new book that sets out to prove it can.

The art of successful entrepreneurship

Cover of Zero to one

Book review: Zero to One – Notes on Start-ups, or How to Build the Future
The guide to setting up on your own from the founder of PayPal is a cut above the usual memoir, says Matthew Partridge.

How Fred the Shred broke Britain

Cover of Shredded: Inside RBS book

Book review: Shredded: Inside RBS, the Bank That Broke Britain
Ian Fraser’s book on the near-collapse of RBS is “well written, impeccably researched and hard to put down”.

The case for leaving Europe

Book cover: The Trouble with Europe

Book review: The Trouble with Europe, by Roger Bootle
Bootle makes the case for Britain leaving the EU. It’s a book everyone should read, says Matthew Partridge.

Redemptive tale of Wall Street excess

Cover of The Buy Side

Book review: The Buy Side, by Turney Duff
This introspective tale banking excess is a cut above the average Wall-Street tell-all, says Matthew Partridge.

A fascinating history of banking

Book cover - Fragile by Design, by Charles Calomiris & Stephen Haber

Book review: Fragile by Design, by Charles Calomiris & Stephen Haber
This is a great history of political interference in bank regulation, says James Ferguson. But a definitive analysis of the recent crisis it is not.

Lucid insights into the rise of China

Unbalanced: The Codependency of America and China

Book review: Unbalanced, by Stephen Roach
Roach’s assessment of America’s trade relationship with China is well worth a read, says Matthew Partridge.

A well-aimed satirical swipe at City life

Front cover of Fat Chancer

Book review: Fat Chancer, by Richard Old
‘Fat Chancer’ shows that financial acumen and literary ability are not mutually exclusive, says Matthew Partridge.

Behind the mask is what you’d expect

Cover of Branson: Behind The Mask

Book review: Branson Behind The Mask, by Tom Bower
While hardly flattering, Tom Bower’s latest book on Richard Branson isn’t ground-breaking either.

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