How to beat inflation

Tim Bennett looks at inflation – what it is, how its measured, and the effect it can have on your wealth – and suggests some straightforward ways of combatting it.

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Video tutorial - why profit margins matter

Why profit margins are really useful

In this video, Ed Bowsher explains how to calculate a company’s profit margin, why it is the best way to evaluate profitability, and how you can use it when analysing a company.

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  • Graham

    Thanks Tim, excellent guide as always.

    Having looked at the list of brokers charges eleswhere on the site and realising that savings can be made, how do I go about moving the shares I have (some within an ISA, some not) to another broker, and at what cost?

  • katrina

    Tim – thank-you really enjoy your videos. Very clear and easy to understand. Do you have one explaning who the Market Makers are?

  • katrina

    Tim – thank-you really enjoy your videos. Very clear and easy to understand. Do you have one explaning who the Market Makers are?

  • Zak

    Basic but well presented, interesting & informative.

  • David

    Always extremely well presented and understandable. And free! Top quality. Thank you.

  • John

    Interesting presentation, but why no mention of index-linked gilts?

  • John

    You say that it is silly to take on debt and hope it gets eaten away by inflation, but what if you have say a 5 or 10year fixed rate mortgage at 5%? If inflation rises above that then would it still make sense to pay it down, or leave it as it is and invest the money elsewhere?

  • Seb

    Where’s the 0.6 under the 5% coming from?

  • Tim

    Seb. The 0.6 grosses up the 5% to give the pre tax rate for a higher rate tax payer

  • phil

    I would disagree about gold being a hedge against inflation. We have just seen the price take off a period of low inflation or even deflation. Gold is good insurance against a crisis but it is not necessarily going to protect you from inflation in the medium to long term.

    People often give the examples certain goods which cost the same in gold now as it did 1000 years ago. This implies that you can’t expect a real inflation adjusted return on an investment in gold.

    There are investments with a built in hedge against inflation. As you say, income shares is one, but what about land that offers a rental yield with a potential to rise with inflation?

  • andre.j

    Superb presentation, though i have spent a few years in the investment side of markets, i still regard myself a novice, its all a learning curve.

  • loose change

    Great video. Simple informative, common sense and a nice shirt too!

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