UK Economy

Mervyn King: why the Covid pandemic is a classic example of radical uncertainty

This week, Merryn talks to ex-governor of the Bank of England Merryn King about the pandemic and how to prepare for a future that is unknowable; the g…
2 Jun 2020
Global Economy

The MoneyWeek Podcast: James Ferguson on the virus, the lockdown, and what comes next

Merryn talks to MoneyWeek regular James Ferguson of Macrostrategy Partnership about what's happened so far with the virus; whether the lockdown was th…
28 May 2020
Investment strategy

MoneyWeek 1,000 – a look back over the last 20 years

The first 1,000 issues of MoneyWeek magazine – what we got right, what we got wrong, and what, if anything, has changed, Plus the best of your suggest…
22 May 2020
Global Economy

Bernard Connolly: how are we going to pay for all this?

Merryn talks to economist Bernard Connolly about the huge – and necessary – sums being spent supporting the economy through the coronavirus crisis. Th…
12 May 2020
Investment strategy

The MoneyWeek Podcast: Andrew Milligan – your advantage over professional investors

Merryn talks to Andrew Milligan, until recently chief investment strategist of Aberdeen Standard Investments, about the state of the markets now and t…
7 May 2020
Investment strategy

Luciano Diana: ESG investing and a welcome dose of optimism amid the gloom

Pictet's Luciano Diana talks about ESG investing, climate change and the challenges of Covid-19 and how, while things are tough in the short term, the…
28 Apr 2020
Global Economy

Alexander Chartres: the end of a benign era

We've been living in an extraordinarily stable and benign era. But stability breeds instability, says Ruffer's Alexander Chartres. Here, he talks to M…
22 Apr 2020

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Global Economy

Steve Keen: a modern debt jubilee is vital to keep the global economy alive

In a fascinating chat, Merryn talks to economist thinker and author Professor Steve Keen, who says we must put the financial system on "life support" …
16 Apr 2020
Global Economy

Gillian Tett: Life after lockdown and how the world will change

Merryn talks to the FT's Gillian Tett on lockdown in New York; debt and the spectre of financial repression; and how the world might look after the pa…
14 Apr 2020
Global Economy

The MoneyWeek Podcast – Brian Pellegrini: this crisis may not turn out as badly as everyone thinks

Merryn talks to economic analyst Brian Pellegrini. The psychological importance of the Covid-19 crisis s is huge, he says. But its economic importance…
8 Apr 2020
Global Economy

The MoneyWeek Podcast – Russell Napier: how much debt is too much?

Merryn talks to financial strategist and author Russell Napier about the huge levels of debt embedded in the global economy, the governmental response…
3 Apr 2020
Global Economy

The MoneyWeek Podcast - Edward Chancellor: governments’ reaction to the virus will come back to haunt us

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to financial historian, investment strategist and author Edward Chancellor, and asks: are we doing the right thing, is it g…
31 Mar 2020
Investment strategy

The MoneyWeek Podcast - Your questions answered

Merryn and John tackle some of the questions sent in by readers - including what they expect to happen to house prices; how much are dividends likely …
30 Mar 2020

The MoneyWeek Podcast – Charles Heenan: dominoes are falling; be very careful

Merryn talks to Charles Heenan, investment director of Kennox Asset Management. Assets are cheap, he says, but you need to be very, very careful about…
26 Mar 2020

The MoneyWeek Podcast Issue 992 - Bright spots amid the gloom

Merryn and John, in a downbeat mood after a bad week, talk about the authorities' response to the coronavirus; the panic in the bond market; and look …
24 Mar 2020
Global Economy

The MoneyWeek Podcast – The end of capitalism?

John and Merryn talk about the – hopefully temporary – suspension of capitalism as government stimulus takes off in a big way. Plus, how this crisis m…
18 Mar 2020

The MoneyWeek Podcast issue 989 - the bubble meets its pin

Merryn and John talk about the market crash in the face of the double whammy of the coronavirus and the collapse of the oil price; the inevitable wave…
10 Mar 2020
The MoneyWeek Podcast

The MoneyWeek Podcast: Dominic Frisby on tax

John talks to comedian, author and pop sensation Dominic Frisby about his new book on tax.
20 Feb 2020
The MoneyWeek Podcast

The MoneyWeek Podcast: Russell Napier at the MoneyWeek Wealth Summit

Russell Napier, one of our favourite analysts speaking at the MoneyWeek Wealth Summit, giving his view on the risks facing the global economy .
14 Feb 2020
The MoneyWeek Podcast

The MoneyWeek Podcast: Jim Mellon at the MoneyWeek Wealth Summit

Merryn Somerset Webb, MoneyWeek's editor in chief, and executive editor John Stepek discuss the biggest issues of the week
1 Jan 2020
UK Economy

The MoneyWeek Podcast: a reaction to the general election result

Merryn and John reflect on the result of the general election
24 Dec 2019