Get online to pay your tax

You only have a couple of weeks left to file your tax return and settle your bill, says Ruth Jackson. Time to get online.

The new Scottish tax regime: gesture politics at its most pathetic

The SNP’s change to income tax has alienated the most productive members of society and put the economy and revenues at long term risk, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Are you in for a surprise tax bill?

One type of offshore trust threatens to land many ordinary people – including nurses, teachers and cleaners – with unexpected tax bills. David Prosser explains.

The political wind has changed on tax avoidance

As the hysteria surrounding the Paradise Papers shows, public and political attitudes to tax avoidance are changing, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

New charges shock for family trusts

People who run family trusts are facing expensive new charges due to an international crackdown on financial crime and tax evasion.

Not-so-simple assessment

HMRC launches its new Simple Assessment for tax this month. But as you might expect, the new system is anything but simple.

Why taxation need not be a dirty word

A radical change to the way we tax wealth could benefit us all, says David C Stevenson.

It pays to be honest about your taxes

It’s never been easier for the taxman to keep tabs on who owes what, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Moonlighters and ghosts have been warned.

Charity and the tax man

Many of us give to good causes close to our heart, but your gift can go much further. Marc Shoffman looks at some of the best ways for investors to give to charity.

Elderly divorcees could end up much poorer in retirement

With couples who get split often ending up worse off in retirement, pensions have become an increasingly important element of divorce settlements, especially for older couples who may have less time to build up new savings.

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