US economy

Fire and fury in Trump’s White House

Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury has turned the Trump White House upside-down, says Alex Rankine.

The end of net neutrality

The US has scrapped rules that forced internet service providers to treat all data equally. That’s the end of the free internet, say campaigners. Are they right? Simon Wilson reports.

Trump finally scores a big victory

Republican lawmakers have been putting the final touches to the most sweeping reform of the US tax system since the Reagan era.

Ben Inker: what could go wrong

Inflation in America probably won’t surge higher, reckons GMO’s Ben Inker. Nevertheless, investors shouldn’t discount it.

Alabama race hurts the GOP

Democrat Doug Jones triumphed over Republican Roy Moore in the special election for a US Senate seat this week.

The lingering effects of the financial crisis

Everywhere you look, you can see the effects of the financial crisis ten years ago, says Merryn Somerset Webb – even in the Christmas trees.

What’s holding back wages in the US? Probably nothing but time

The US economy is growing and employment is rising. But growth in wages remains weak and inflation is low. John Stepek looks at what, if anything, could change that.

Trump will burst the bond bubble

After months of bluster, the administration finally appears on the verge of passing a significant piece of legislation that could affect the bond market.

Trump’s tax cuts for the rich

This week the Senate finally passed the controversial Republican tax plan that could benefit the already wealthy.

A safe pair of hands at the Fed?

The process to confirm Donald Trump’s nominee to the chair of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, has got underway.

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