US economy

Nafta deal: throwing sand in the global trade engine

The revamped Nafta deal between the US and Mexico does little to support global trade. In fact, it may do the opposite.

Trump touts “largest trade deal ever”

But the agreement amounts to little, even if Canada and Congress approve it. Emily Hohler reports.

A downturn is coming. Here's what to buy

All the signs point to there being a downturn in the offing. Matthew Partridge talks to fund manager Julie Dean to find out what action investors should take.

Trump takes on short-termism

President Trump has asked the markets regulator to allow companies to report every six months rather than every quarter. Marina Gerner reports.

Betting on politics: Trump's re-election

The mounting scandals in Washington won’t help Donald’s Trump’s re-election chances, says Matthew Partridge.

Don't be too quick to condemn the financial industry

For better or for worse, we need our financial industry, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

What this star wealth manager thinks about the US bull market

The US bull market has been one of the longest in history, but for how much longer can it run? Matthew Partridge talks to wealth manager Rob Hodgson.

US sprints ahead in stocks race – but its laces are undone

American equities have surged ahead, but a strong dollar could trip up US stocks in the long run.

Chart of the week: America’s pension crisis

The US faces a crisis over its gaping pension funding hole, with retirement funds holding less than 75% of the money needed to meet promises made to millions of public-sector workers.

Betting on politics: Ohio's senate election

With Ohio’s Senate seat up for grabs in November, it promises to be one of the most closely watched mid-term contents, says Matthew Partridge.

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