US economy

The Federal Reserve is doing what markets want – so why aren’t they going up?

At its latest meeting, the Federal Reserve surprised everyone by being even more dovish than expected. But markets aren’t exactly roaring ahead. John Stepek explains why.

Betting on politics: America's next president

The winner of next year’s US presidential contest is a tough call to make, says Matthew Partridge. Just don’t rule out Mike Pence.

Trump fails to win North Korea nukes deal

The talks between North Korea and the US that took place in Vietnam collapsed last week.

Will Trump be impeached?

Robert Mueller, the special counsel, is thought to be ready to present the findings of his inquiry into possible Russian interference.

America’s opioid addiction crisis

Opioid overdoses killed more people in the US in 2017 than were killed during the whole of the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, prescriptions are on the rise in Britain too. Simon Wilson reports.

The grouch stands again

Bernie Sanders has entered the race for US president. Matthew Partridge reports.

Great frauds in history: the collapse of Enron

Enron was energy company that was expanding aggressively, says Matthew Partridge. And the management was fiddling the finances.

What the trade war truce means for your money

Donald Trump has called a truce in the trade war and won’t be imposing punitive tariffs on Chinese goods. John Stepek looks at what’s behind the decision, and what it means for you.

The US economic downturn: it’s only a matter of time

With the US economy facing headwinds from trade wars to slowing global growth, talk of a recession is picking up.

Trump cooks up a storm

The US president has declared a national emergency. Matthew Partridge reports.

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