US economy

US data and yield curve spook investors

American manufacturing is shrinking for the first time in three years. But what has spooked markets the most is the recent inversion in yield curves.

Money Minute Friday 13 September: pubs, wages and retail data

Friday’s Money Minute looks to a trading update from JD Wetherspoon, eurozone wage inflation, and US retail sales data.

Money Minute Wednesday 11 September: Galliford Try and US factory gate prices

In Wednesday’s Money Minute, UK construction group Galliford Try publishes its annual results, and the US issues August’s Producer Price Index data.

Can Donald Trump really buy Greenland?

The US president’s idea of buying Greenland is not quite as preposterous as it might seem to modern minds, but why buy it when there are so many better options?

Doomsday clock approaches midnight

The inverted yield curve on US Treasuries spells trouble for investors. Alex Rankine reports.

Betting on politics: bets for the US presidency

Matthew Partridge weighs up the odds on the candidates for the Democratic Party nomination.

If this company manages to go public, it just has to mark the top of the market

Inverting yield curves and trade wars are all very worrying, says John Stepek. But nothing says “top of the market” like the stockmarket-listing of this company.

Navigating the weird world of negative interest rates

Investors are paying good money to be allowed to lend money to governments across the world. What on earth is going on, and what does it mean for your money? John Stepek reports.

What is a yield curve, and why should I care if it inverts?

Everybody is talking about the inverted yield curve and how it predicts recessions. John Stepek explains everything you need to know about it and why it matters.

Why you need a plan for when the market panics

A reliable stockmarket warning bell may be about to send investors running for cover, says John Stepek. That’s when you will be glad you have your investment plan in place.

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