US economy

US sprints ahead in stocks race – but its laces are undone

American equities have surged ahead, but a strong dollar could trip up US stocks in the long run.

Chart of the week: America’s pension crisis

The US faces a crisis over its gaping pension funding hole, with retirement funds holding less than 75% of the money needed to meet promises made to millions of public-sector workers.

Betting on politics: Ohio's senate election

With Ohio’s Senate seat up for grabs in November, it promises to be one of the most closely watched mid-term contents, says Matthew Partridge.

Sugar rush propels US economic growth to four-year high

Next summer the US economic expansion that began in 2009 will become the longest in the country’s history – provided a recession doesn’t strike in the meantime.

Betting on politics: Some good bets on the US mid-terms

The mid-term elections in the US may be drawing closer, says Matthew Partridge – but their are still some good bets to be had.

Betting on politics: more US Senate contests

This week, Matthew Partridge weighs the odds on who will win the US Senate races in Michigan, Texas and Mississippi.

Trump trains his guns on the Federal Reserve

US president Donald Trump has publicly criticised the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate increases, complaining that plans for more rises risk upsetting the booming economy.

Betting on politics: US midterm elections

In less than four months’ time, America will go to the polls across the country in the midterm elections. Matthew Partridge weighs the odds on the possible winners.

Get ready for a US “wage explosion”

US inflation is rising fast. Wages have not kept pace – but it’s only matter of time. John Stepek explains what a “wage explosion” would mean for investors.

Trump’s unpredictable European tour

Nerves are jangling ahead of the Nato summit and a meeting with Putin. Emily Hohler reports.

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