US economy

China fires a warning shot as the trade war escalates

China’s currency, the yuan, has weakened significantly against the dollar. That suggests the trade war will only get worse, says John Stepek. Here’s what it means for you.

The Fed cuts interest rates for the first time since 2008 – but it’s still not enough

The Federal Reserve has cut US interest rates for the first time in over a decade. It’s fair to say that the market didn’t like it. John Stepek explains why.

Kyle Bass: America is at risk of turning Japanese

Hedge fund boss Kyle Bass thinks that the US is heading for recession, with even the gloomiest projections wrong.

America's corporate earnings bubble hisses air

America’s long bull market in stocks has rested on booming corporate earnings. But forecasts are gloomy.

The US has just voted to blow its budget

The US might be politically divided. But both parties clearly now agree on one big issue – government spending, and plenty of it, is a good thing. John Stepek explains why this is so important for investors.

Sonal Desai: the Federal reserve is too relaxed

The US central bank is being far too relaxed about the potential consequences of taking out an “insurance” interest-rate cut reckons Sonal Desai of Franklin Templeton.

The Federal Reserve spikes the markets' punch bowl

It is now a virtual certainty that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates at the end of this month. And liquidity-addicted markets do love easy money.

Good news on jobs scares US stockmarkets

June brought the best monthly US jobs growth of the year, but stockmarkets were not best pleased.

A Gary Shilling: we're already in a recession – but the future is bright

Author and strategist A Gary Shilling says the US economy is declining. But a recession won’t last, and things are looking good in the longer term.

Don’t stop at forgiving student debt – forgive everyone’s debt

A jubilee for student debt is an attractive idea but not a fair one, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Better to give everyone a hefty lump sum – whether they have debts or not.

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