US economy

Short the S&P 500 – again

Belief in the bull is overdone: investors should prepare for the coming correction, says Matthew Partridge.

Goldilocks will be bucked from the bull

Conditions have been just right for stock markets for a while. Andrew Van Sickle explains why it won’t last.

Betting on politics: An unlikely victory

It’s starting to look like Democrat Conor Lamb has pulled off a victory few thought possible in Pennsylvania.

Jim Chanos: a rate rise is long overdue

Interest rates have been so low for so long, many people in financial markets today don’t know any different.

Trump thumbs his nose at global trade

The protectionist president pulls up the drawbridge. What could go wrong? Emily Hohler reports.

Betting on politics: A two-way fight

Matthew Partridge weighs the odds on the electoral fight to replace US congressman Tim Murphy.

How "Iron Man" Musk is taking the lead in the new space race

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has grandiose plans for humanity. It’s looking increasingly likely that he has the chutzpah – and cash – to succeed, says Chris Carter.

Russians meddled in US elections

But Trump claims his campaign did nothing wrong. Emily Hohler reports.

Trump ditches pledge to cut deficit

Congress passed a highly profligate budget, but Trump wants more. Emily Hohler reports

Inflation is picking up in the US – and there’s more to come

At first, stocks reacted entirely predictably to the higher-than-expected inflation data from the US, says John Stepek. And then, something else happened.

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