US economy

The biggest lesson that 2007 can teach investors

Almost exactly a decade ago, the FTSE closed near its peak for the year. Then things deteriorated – rapidly. John Stepek looks at what lessons investors can draw from the crisis that ensued.

How Trump’s ego could wreck Nafta

Donald Trump gets ready to do battle over the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Betting on politics: A White House IQ test

Paddy Power is offering odds on who’s smarter – Rex Tillerson or Donald Trump.

How one of the first big property bubbles led to the Great Depression

John Stepek looks back at Florida’s property boom of the 1920s – and the inevitable crash that followed.

These charts suggest a US recession could be closer than we think

Neither investors nor economists are worried about the US. But there’s plenty of evidence to suggest a recession could be just around the corner, says Dominic Frisby.

Ned Davis: wary of high valuations

The US stock-market has continued to do well in recent months, despite high valuations, but contrarian investor Ned Davis of Ned Davis Research is wary.

A second Trump bump for stocks

Stocks received a fillip when Donald Trump became president. Now it looks like the good times are back.

Trump’s tax cuts look vague and timid

Donald Trump finally got round to tax reform, but the detail is lacking.

Britain's quiet default

Puerto Rico’s debt default will be very public, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Expect Britain’s to be more subtle.

America’s immigration woes

Donald Trump has scrapped rules protecting young illegal immigrants from deportation. Activists, business leaders and economists think he’s wrong. Simon Wilson reports.

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