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MoneyWeek's film theatre and book reviews – A look at some of the best financial books on the shelves at the moment, plus film and theatre reviews.

Five of the best books I read in 2018

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To close the year, John Stepek picks five of his favourite books on economics, investing and human behaviour.

An essential skill for investors

Cover of The Signs Were There by Tim Steer

Book review: The Signs Were There
Tim Steer looks at the red flags that suggest not only that a firm is in trouble, but also that the management is trying to hide the fact with some creative accounting.

Book of the week: a country with coherent vision for its future

Cover of Russia Without Putin by Tony Wood

Book review: Russia Without Putin
Tony Wood argues that the contemporary Western view of Russia lacks subtlety.

Volker looks back

Cover of Keeping At It By Paul Volcker

Book review: Keeping At It
Former Fed chair Paul Volcker’s memoir is much more than an account of his life. It is his credo.

Book in the news: how the US got hooked on prescription drugs

Cover of American Overdose by Chris McGreal

Book review: American Overdose
Chris McGreal’s meticulously researched book looks at what’s behind America’s deadly opioid addiction epidemic.

Book of the week: why markets act irrationally

Cover of The Behavioral Investor by Daniel Crosby

Book review: The Behavioral Investor
It’s widely accepted that markets and individual investors don’t always act rationally. Daniel Crosby tries to explain why.

China and the WTC – a real game changer

Cover of China, Trade and Power by Stewart Paterson

Book review: China, Trade and Power
Allowing China into the World Trade Organisation was an attempt to bind it to the rule of law and give US exporters access to its markets. That plan has failed, says Stewart Paterson.

Film of the week: a solid drama that could have been much better

Film review: Peterloo
Peterloo is a solid costume drama that shines a light on a significant piece of social and economic history. But it does need a bit of trimming and sharper focus.

Book in the news: James O'Brien, the bloviating pundit of the left

Book review: How To Be Right
LBC presenter James O’Brien is a bit of an oddity – a radio talk-show host with liberal views.

Book of the week: predicting and exploiting market cycles

Mastering the Market Cycle by Howard Marks

Book review: Mastering the Market Cycle
Howard Marks’ book is more rounded and nuanced than others that deal with the subject.

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