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MoneyWeek's film theatre and book reviews – A look at some of the best financial books on the shelves at the moment, plus film and theatre reviews.

Review: Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns DVD cover

Children and adults alike will enjoy this charming, elegant story, and its tuneful, catchy numbers, says Matthew Partridge.

Book of the week: making the case for Trump

Book cover: The Case for Trump

The Case for Trump
Most pundits think that Donald Trump is doomed to be a one-term president. Military historian and conservative commentator Victor Davis Hanson disagrees.

Book in the news: the manipulative advisers behind Trump’s throne

Book cover: Kushner Inc

Kushner Inc: Greed. Ambition. Corruption
Donald Trump is a polarising figure, but even he’s not quite as unpopular as “Javanka”, the nickname for his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner.

Book of the week: irrational markets and investor psychology

Cover of A Crisis of Beliefs

A Crisis of Beliefs
Academic economists Nicola Gennaioli and Andrei Shleifer argue that financial markets can, behave in irrational ways.

A short, but to-the-point look at Brexit

Cover of Nine Lessons in Brexit

Book review: Ninve lessons in Brexit
Ivan Roger makes a lot of good points in his analysis of where we’ve been going wrong with Brexit.

Book of the week: does austerity work or not?

Cover of Austerity

Book review: Austerity
A look at a wide number of case studies to gauge the efficacy of various austerity programmes over the last four decades.

Book in the news: a thorough hatchet job on the Labour leader

Cover of Dangerous Hero

Book review: Dangerous Hero
Tom Bower’s biography of Jeremy Corbyn book details his personal and political lives, from his childhood to becoming Labour leader in one of the “great accidents of political history”.

Everything you needed to know about ETFs

Cover of the Ultimate ETF Guidebook

Book review: The Ultimate ETF Guidebook
How ETFs evolved from simple funds that tracked the main indices to more complex smart-beta funds that attempt to beat the market.

Play of the week: The Price

David Suchet as Gregory Solomon in The Price

This excellent production conveys how the Great Depression changed attitudes towards risk and money far more effectively than any book or documentary.

The rise and fall of an airline pioneer

Cover of laker

Book review: Laker
Sir Freddie Laker is best known for his bargain-basement transatlantic flights, but the career that led up to his launch of these is almost as interesting.

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