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MoneyWeek's film theatre and book reviews – A look at some of the best financial books on the shelves at the moment, plus film and theatre reviews.

Book of the week: a Hollywood agent comes clean

Cover of Who Is Michael Ovitz? A Memoir

Book review: Who Is Michael Ovitz? A Memoir
Ovitz’s brutally honest memoir will appeal to both movie buffs and those fascinated by corporate machinations

Not a traitor, but an incompetent charlatan and a bully

Cover of Fear: Trump in the White House

Book review: Fear
A lack of juicy gossip makes Bob Woodward’s expose of Trump in the White House a credible and very damning read. 

Book in the news: masterly biography of an economic adventurer

Book review: John Law, A Scottish Adventurer of the Eighteenth Century
An elegantly written biography of the colourful Scottish gambler, financier and early economist.

Book of the week: The Billionaire Raj

Book review: The Billionaire Raj, A Journey Through India’s New Gilded Age
A well-written, readable, balanced and objective guide to the evolving Indian economy.

A gripping tale of deceit, delusion and megalomania

Book review: Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup
Books on corporate scandals can be very dull, but this is a real-life thriller.

Book of the week: Keynes's animal spirits

John Maynard Keynes © Alamy

Book review: Money and Government: A Challenge to Mainstream Economics
Money and Government sets out to rethink human behaviour, says Matthew Partridge.

Book in the news: politics in the age of the chancer

Cover of Bluffocracy

Book review: Bluffocracy
Bluffing may get you through a dinner party, but it could also be harming society.

A guide to bluff your way through Brexit

Bluffer’s Guide to Brexit cover

Book review: Bluffer’s Guide to Brexit
Despite these shortcomings, the book does an excellent job, covering the main points in an entertaining way, says Matthew Partridge.

A more pragmatic approach to trade

Cover of Backlash: Saving globalisation from itself, by Joe Zammit-Lucia and David Boyle

Book review: Backlash: Saving globalisation from itself
Supporters of an open global economy may have exaggerated the benefits and underplayed the costs.

The other side of Adam Smith

Cover of Adam Smith: What He Thought and Why It Matters, by Jesse Norman

Book review: Adam Smith: What He Thought and Why It Matters
Conservative MP Jesse Norman attempts to reconcile these two sides of Adam Smith’s philosophy.

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