Tom Bulford

Tom worked as a fund manager in the City of London and in Hong Kong for over 20 years. As a director with Schroder Investment Management International he was responsible for £2 billion of foreign clients' money, and launched what became Argentina's largest mutual fund. Now working from his home in Oxfordshire, Tom Bulford helps private investors with his premium tipping newsletter, Red Hot Biotech Alert.

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Investment strategy

5 common mistakes people make when investing

Tom Bulford examines five common mistakes that private investors make, and explains how you can avoid them.
1 Oct 2014
Share tips

The companies to back in the war on the superbugs

Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics – the biotech firms developing alternatives are set to profit handsomely, says Tom Bulford…
5 Dec 2013
Share tips

The next frontier of 3D printing: your bones

Human body parts can now be 'printed' to replace defective ones. Tom Bulford looks at this exciting new technology, and focuses on one small-cap compa…
23 Sep 2013

The dawn of regenerative medicine

Stunning breakthroughs in biotechnology have changed the face of medicine forever. That's opened plenty of opportunities for investors. Tom Bulford ex…
8 May 2013

This penny share is dreaming of Gangnam success

This small-cap British firm is hoping to cash in on the growing success of K-pop, says Tom Bulford. So far it has hardly had the success of Gangnam St…
1 Jan 2013

Can you make money from the 'eBay of marketing'?

This small-cap online marketing company has a simple idea and a stock market valuation of £20m. But can it and its investors make any money? Tom Bulfo…
11 Oct 2012

The coming supply crunch in diamonds

As demand for diamonds increases, supply of the precious gems is unlikely to keep up. That suggests a very bright future for the diamond mining indust…
4 Oct 2012
Biotech stocks

Welcome to the 'Third Revolution'

Radical advances in biotechnology are ushering in what some are calling the 'Third Revolution'. It could be one of the greatest investment stories of…
20 Sep 2012

How to spot a great gold miner

This is a great time to be buying gold mining shares, says Tom Bulford. Here, he explains how to spot a potential winner, and picks four stocks to wat…
13 Sep 2012
Investment strategy

I nearly died twice last week

Extending Britain's 'health and safety' culture into financial services will have entirely the opposite effect to the one intended, says Tom Bulford.
6 Sep 2012
Biotech stocks

British biotech takes off

With a catalogue of exciting breakthroughs, the most exciting story for penny investors this year has been biotechnology, says Tom Bulford.
28 Aug 2012
Beginners' Guides

Why I trust shares above all else

For novice investors, the choice of what to buy can be baffling. But Tom Bulford likes shares. Here, he explains why.
28 Jun 2012

How to become a successful oil baron

With the development of new drilling techniques, the US could secure its energy sources for the next century. Tom Bulford explains how to get in on Am…
26 Jun 2012

A true contrarian play for the adventurous investor

Most investors wouldn't touch a Chinese-run alternative energy stock with a ten-foot barge pole, says Tom Bulford. But this particular stock might jus…
21 Jun 2012
Beginners' Guides

Three great vehicles for your savings

Tom Bulford continues his short series on DIY investing with three simple ways to invest in shares: the basic share-dealing account, stocks and shares…
19 Jun 2012

Take back control of your investments today

High fund management fees and low savings rates make it more important than ever that investors take control of their money. And DIY investing is both…
14 Jun 2012

How Wayne Money is leading the fight against terrorism

Everybody from banks to oil companies are queueing up to get their hands on this firm's security products. Tom Bulford explains why you should keep yo…
12 Jun 2012
Biotech stocks

The tiny stocks you'll be talking about in ten years' time

Most penny stocks go unnoticed by investors. But if you get in early, says Tom Bulford, you can hitch a ride as the corporate giants of tomorrow knock…
7 Jun 2012

The penny share that could save you from white van man

Waiting in for service personnel to call can be a frustrating experience. But this small-cap technology company aims to change all that, says Tom Bulf…
31 May 2012

Three great reasons to buy oil explorers now

With new technology transforming oil exploration, small-cap companies are unlocking huge new reserves. Tom Bulford explains why you should buy in.
29 May 2012
Biotech stocks

The biggest penny share story of this decade

This decade will be defined by developments in biotechnology, says Tom Buford. Here, he explains the role biotech is playing in resolving the global f…
24 May 2012

You can be as rude as you like to these people

Fraudsters touting fake shares have become a serious threat to investors. Tom Bulford explains how to avoid getting caught out - and what to do if you…
22 May 2012

A UK company revolutionising drug discovery

Network pharmacology - finding alternate uses for existing drugs - is a growing area of medical research. Tom Bulford looks at one small-cap pharma th…
17 May 2012

Why you should take charge of your money now

Fund management fees are set to rise. So it's vital you manage your own portfolio, says Tom Bulford. Here, he tips one company that could help you sla…
15 May 2012

How to cash in on this $6m health conscious market

In the search for a competitive edge in sports, more and more supplements have been developed to increase performance. Tom Bulford looks at the 'funct…
10 May 2012

The Korean craze that is about to sweep the nation

A huge sensation throughout Asia, and already making waves in America, it's only a matter of time before 'K-Pop' hits Britain. And this small-cap medi…
8 May 2012

The penny share that could help set off a lighting revolution

We are on the cusp of an LED lighting revolution. And this small-cap British engineering company will be in the forefront, says Tom Bulford.
3 May 2012

Nanny is watching you

City professionals and the powers that be don't want you managing your own investments. But the best people to look after your money is you, says Tom …
1 May 2012
Industrial metals

A slap in the face for junior miners

Political risk has increased dramatically in the oil and minerals sector lately, says Tom Bulford. But there's another reason junior miners are suffer…
26 Apr 2012

How this ex-journalist could transform the PR industry

An ex-City journalist may be about to succeed in his quest to shake up the marketing industry, says Tom Bulford - thanks to this clever, little piece …
24 Apr 2012

How you can find truly exciting manufacturing stocks

Soon computers won't only be used in the design stage - they'll be used in the manufacturing of products too, says Tom Bulford. And this penny share i…
19 Apr 2012

Why this activity is kept secret in the City

Shady deals with fund managers routinely stitch up penny share investors, says Tom Bulford. That's why the City doesn't want you to find out.
17 Apr 2012

The West African gold rush is heating up

West Africa is currently the 'destination of choice' for gold miners, says Tom Bulford. Here, he picks the best ways to buy into the region's gold rus…
12 Apr 2012

There is still big money to be made in stocks this year

There is always money to be made in the stock markets, says Tom Bulford. You just need to know what you're looking for.
10 Apr 2012

How to stop Americans getting fat

With 60% of Americans classed as overweight or obese, the country's healthcare system is breaking under the strain. Tom Bulford looks at a small-cap t…
5 Apr 2012

A gold mine bursting with potential

Ireland isn't the first country to spring to mind when you think of gold mining. But this small-cap gold miner could be about to strike it rich, says …
3 Apr 2012