Piper Terrett

Piper Terrett is a financial journalist and author. Piper graduated from Newnham College, Cambridge, in 1997 and worked for Germaine Greer and for Adam Faith’s Money Channel before embarking on a career in business journalism. 

She has worked for most top financial titles, including Investors Chronicle, Shares magazine, Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money. She lectures part-time at London Metropolitan University and is the author of four books. 


Use all your allowances to dodge the taxman

With the end of the tax year fast approaching, it’s time to make sure you’ve made the most of the allowances available, says Piper Terrett.
25 Mar 2016
Spending it

Four unspoilt destinations in Greece

Piper Terrett takes a look at four places to stay in order to enjoy Greece at its most spectacular.
22 Sep 2015

Absolute return funds: too good to be true?

Absolute return funds that protect investors from the worst of a downturn are becoming popular. Should you invest in them? Piper Terrett investigates.
1 Sep 2015
Spending it

Five hotels with an unusual twist

From a hotel for car fanatics in Germany to staying in a former Boston jail, Piper Terrett looks at five quirky hotels.
28 Aug 2015
Personal finance

How to avoid pension scams

The new pensions freedom rules have attracted the attention of scammers. Piper Terrett explains what you need to watch out for.
3 Aug 2015
UK Economy

The unlikely rise of Corbynmania

Few across the political spectrum would have foreseen the rise of Jeremy Corbyn as a serious contender to lead the Labour party. Piper Terrett reports…
31 Jul 2015
Personal finance

Join the alt-fi revolution tax-free

Alternative finance is set to move further into the mainstream after the chancellor announced an “innovative finance” Individual Savings Account.
24 Jul 2015

A war of words over junk bonds

Activist investor Carl Icahn has accused BlackRock of offering high-yield bond ETFs to investors who don’t understand the risks.
24 Jul 2015

Should we embrace the shareholder activists?

Activist investors have made the headlines recently, but what do activists do? And are they a help or hindrance in the long run? Piper Terrett investi…
24 Jul 2015
Personal finance

Insurance is about to get more expensive

The Budget hiked a fairly obscure tax that few of us ever think about. Piper Terrett explains what it is, and how it could affect your insurance premi…
17 Jul 2015
UK Economy

Labour is flirting with oblivion, says shadow minister

Shadow education minister Tristram Hunt has warned that the Labour Party risks becoming irrelevant.
17 Jul 2015

Could Google spell the end of the line for the funds gravy train?

The entry of Google or a peer into the funds industry would come as a welcome shock, says Piper Terrett.
3 Jul 2015

Why you can’t ignore climate change with your portfolio

International action to tackle climate change is going to change the investing landscape. Piper Terrett tips one fund to benefit.
26 Jun 2015

Why tracker funds are in the vanguard

There's more to fund manager Vanguard’s success than the trend towards trackers and passive investing, says Piper Terrett.
5 Jun 2015

Active managers can pick the winners – but they keep the winnings to themselves

It's not that active fund managers can't beat the markets, says Piper Terrett. They just don't want to share the profits.
22 May 2015
Investment strategy

Pibs: A tempting offer for income seekers

Permanent interest bearing shares (Pibs) often offer temptingly high returns. But before you buy, you need to be aware of the risks. Piper Terrett exp…
22 May 2015
Investment strategy

Making higher risk investments doesn’t always bring greater rewards

Most investors are taught to expect higher returns from riskier investments. But as Piper Terrett explains, that's not always the case.
17 Apr 2015

Should you follow providers’ fund tips?

Fund supermarkets have a clear incentive to push their wares. So, can you trust their advice? Piper Terrett reports.
1 Apr 2014
UK Economy

City braces itself for a Labour victory

The City is bracing itself for a political reckoning if Labour wins the 2015 general election.
14 Mar 2014

Welcome victory in the war on investment platform fees

Changes to the rules mean fund supermarkets are rethinking how they charge for their services. Piper Terrett explains what that means for you.
18 Feb 2014
UK Economy

Salmond plays his favourite game

The Treasury has vowed to honour its debts in the event of an independent Scotland, reports Piper Terrett. But the real debate has yet to begin.
17 Jan 2014

Are investors now too passive?

Investors are increasingly settling for matching a market's performance rather than trying to beat it. But they could be missing a trick, says Piper T…
5 Nov 2013
US Economy

America’s spying rattles its friends

Barack Obama's administration has suffered critical damage to its reputation thanks to the fallout over spying. Piper Terrett reports.
31 Oct 2013
UK Economy

Why hand our nuclear industry to China?

Britain may come to regret signing a deal with the Chinese and French to build a new nuclear power station. Piper Terrett reports.
25 Oct 2013

Is it time to switch into active funds?

For a long time, we've preferred passive funds over active funds. But are passive funds starting to lose their competitive edge?
15 Oct 2013
Share tips

The 11 investments our experts would buy into now

How has the prospect of money-printing ending affected markets? And where should investors look for profits? Piper Terrett talks to our panel of exper…
1 Aug 2013
UK Economy

Privatising the Queen’s head

Is the government right to be selling off yet another national treasure in the Royal Mail? Piper Terrett reports.
24 Jul 2013

Money: The Unauthorised Biography By Felix Martin

Book review: Money - The Unauthorised BiographyWriting a book about money was always going to be a bit of a gamble, says Piper Terrett. But for Felix …
17 Jul 2013

Shop around for a cheaper fund deal

The fees you pay to a broker to execute a fund deal are still far from clear. Fortunately, that's about to change, says Piper Terrett. Here's what tha…
16 Jul 2013

Mortgage deals with a sting in the tail

Lenders are launching a range of new ten-year, fixed-rate mortgages, but the jury is out on whether they offer value for money. Piper Terrett investig…
30 May 2013
Personal finance

Beware Europe’s hospital scam

Piper Terrett rounds up this week’s personal finance news, including the Spanish scam aimed at sick tourists, and the IT problems plaguing RBS custome…
5 Apr 2013

'Help to Buy' – should you take the offer?

George Osborne’s £130bn ‘Help to Buy’ scheme is the latest move by the government to get the housing market moving. It may well succeed, but at what f…
28 Mar 2013

Forget 'hybrid' funds, you're still better off with a tracker

Chastened by the furore over management fees, many fund managers are now peddling 'hybrid' funds. But as Piper Terrett explains, you're still better o…
25 Feb 2013

Which sectors did best in 2012?

While investing last year was far from easy, it wasn't all bad news. Piper Terrett looks at the sectors where profits were had, and where you should p…
4 Jan 2013

Are the 'N-11' more solid than the Brics?

Life has been tough for the Brics lately. Now fund managers are turning their attention to the 'N-11' - the next 11 emerging economies that they belie…
1 Oct 2012

New property funds don’t stack up

Property funds have proved popular in the past. But with house prices stalling, there's a better way to invest in property. Piper Terrett explains.
3 Sep 2012