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Guaranteed equity bonds are no guarantee

When stockmarkets start to look rocky, banks waste no time in touting schemes that offer protection from market falls - such as guaranteed equity bond…
7 Nov 2007
Personal finance

Where to get the best deal on fixed rate bonds

Fixed-rate bonds are offering better deals than variable-rate for the first time in over a year. We look at the best deals around.
8 Oct 2007
Personal finance

Will travel insurance cover terror delays?

Even if your holiday was ruined by the airport chaos sparked by the terrorist threat, you probably won't be covered by your travel insurance. Plus - w…
20 Sep 2006
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How to survive a winter of discontent

As British Gas and EDF Energy announce a forthcoming hike in gas and electricity prices, stay snug without being out of pocket by switching your suppl…
8 Aug 2006
Personal finance

Are Sipps the future of retirement savings?

More and more insurers, stockbrokers and IFAs are offering Sipps. So what are the benefits for your retirement provision?
8 Aug 2006
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How safe is your alternatively secured pension?

The freedom to draw a retirement income from investments held in an Alternatively Secured Pension was hard won, but the Government now looks set to tu…
1 Aug 2006
Personal finance

How to fund long-term care for the elderly

If you or a relative need to be taken into long-term care, the chances are you’ll have to foot the bill yourself, says Naomi Caine. So it’s wise to ch…
25 Jul 2006
Personal finance

What students should really look for in a bank account

Each year banks fight it out to get students to open an account with them, offering free gifts like iPods to tempt them in. But freshers should ignor…
17 Jul 2006
Personal finance

Don't fall for the tricks of the card trade

Banks and lenders may compete for your business, but they'll find ways to hit you hard if you go into the red. That's way it pays to read the fine pri…
10 Jul 2006

How to avoid holiday currency charges

Holiday currency charges are a licence for banks to print money. But shopping around for cash and cards before you go can save you a small fortune.
4 Jul 2006
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Beware the bogus brokers

It's not just novices and the gullible who are falling victim to financial scams - experienced investors are losing money too. Also, the government's …
26 Jun 2006

Why living in sin could cost you dear

Current legislation means that marriage is increasingly a financial rather than a moral judgement. But new law to protect cohabiting couples is still…
20 Jun 2006

Card firms cut penalty charges - but there's a catch

A number of credit card firms have cut their penalty charges following a ruling from the OFT - but there's a catch.
19 Jun 2006

Network operators to slash roaming charges

Using your mobile phone abroad should become cheaper in the next 12 months. That's because operators are under pressure from the EU to slash roaming c…
13 Jun 2006
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Beware the car crash bandits

Beware of the fraudsters who stage car crashes in order to submit bogus insurance claims.
8 Jun 2006
Personal finance

Pensioners hit by new stealth tax

Pensioners are to face a new stealth tax. They will now have to pay tax on contributions to PMI offered as part of their retirement package.
8 Jun 2006
Personal finance

How much longer can offshore account-holders hide from the taxman?

Offshore accounts have long been a tidy way of tucking earnings out of sight of the taxman. But not any more.
8 Jun 2006

Bring back state pensions

The pensions system is a mess. Instead of sending advisers to explain the complex pension credits system, the government should bring back a decent s…
5 Jun 2006
Personal finance

Act now on endowments compensation

If you were missold an endowment policy, you could be entitled to claim compensation, but only if you act quickly.
17 May 2006