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Why the silver ETF will send prices soaring

The promise of a new silver exchange-traded fund is fuelling a surge in the metal price. But approval of the ETF will send it even higher.
7 Nov 2007
Soft commodities

How to profit from the world's water crisis

Ever-increasing demand from food production, combined with global warming, is creating a water crisis. But where there's a problem, there are companie…
5 Nov 2007
Stock markets

Latin America's lucrative markets: where's best to invest?

Where are the best places to invest in Latin America? And what are the potential pitfalls? Moneyweek invited a panel of investment experts to dinner t…
29 Aug 2007

How to invest in Canada's black gold mine

Alberta, Canada, is sitting on a black gold mine in the form of its oil sands – and by 2030 it could be pumping out more oil than currently flows out …
16 Oct 2006
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Where will the retail squeeze be felt the most?

Life has been tough for retailers - and it could be about to get much worse. However, it will be another sector which really feels the squeeze.
18 Sep 2006

Why you should steer clear of bonds

The scale of the bubble in the gilt markets was 'starkly demonstrated' on Tuesday when the Government auctioned inflation-linked bonds at the 'lowest …
12 Jul 2006
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MoneyWeek’s top ten tipsters of 2005

Nearly 40 fund managers shared their investment views with MoneyWeek readers in 2005. Here we look at who’s done best over the year.
6 Jul 2006
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Troubled Vodafone shares are a steal

A couple of weeks ago, Vodafone (VOD, 126p) announced that its sales growth and profits will fall as its Japanese division soaks up the cash it needs …
6 Jul 2006
Stock markets

Will growth shares be the big theme for 2006?

The performance of low-yield, or growth shares, has trailed that of their high-yield counterparts in recent years. But that's all changing now.
5 Jul 2006

O2 buyout: what to do with your shares

When Spain’s Telefonica made a 200p a share offer to buy UK mobile operator O2, it was offering to pay a 22% premium to the share price.
5 Jul 2006
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Heineken puts fizz back into its shares

Heineken (HEI.AS, e28.08) is 'supposed to refresh the parts that other beers cannot reach', says Simon Nixon at, but its share price…
5 Jul 2006

Why the dip in the gold price is a buying opportunity

Gold has been a volatile investment since the start of 2006. But it's weak bull market that doesn't have strong corrections, says Bill Bonner in the D…
27 Jun 2006

Boom and bust - a spectre we can’t shake off

It is always gratifying to be proved right. And so here at MoneyWeek, we’re feeling frightfully smug, albeit a little depressed.
21 Jun 2006
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The small cap stocks set to deliver big gains

Four of the UK's top investment experts give their tips on the UK small cap sector - and prospects for the UK economy in the coming months.
15 Jun 2006

Is the commodities boom over?

Many commentators have said that the recent rash of highs in commodities prices were the peak of a bubble - the recent large falls in the price of gol…
7 Jun 2006

Is corporate Japan facing an onslaught of takeovers

Japan appears to be bouncing back after a decade and a half of recession. With growth up to 2.6% from nothing, and new changes to company law removin…
29 May 2006

Dovish Bernanke sends dollar down

The dollar fell to a seven-month low against the pound, yen and euro last week as comments by Ben Bernanke were interpreted by the markets as being mo…
25 May 2006
Stock markets

India's corruption crackdown

At the end of last week, there was a 'panic reaction' in India as regulators suspended 24 brokers. However, despite short term decline in the market,…
25 May 2006
Stock markets

Is the FTSE 250 overstretched?

Last week the FTSE 250 broke through a psychological barrier as it reached the 10,000 level. Despite the takeover friendly nature of the mid-cap mark…
9 May 2006

Will overhauling the IMF really work?

The International Monetary Fund is to turn from emergency lender to 'global economic umpire'. But what can the IMF really do to address the issues fac…
1 May 2006

How red tape is strangling the UK economy

The booming world economy has never had it so good, and yet the UK is struggling. Rising taxes and political interference are to blame.
1 May 2006
Stock markets

Is Italy heading for disaster?

The very narrow election victory by Romano Prodi’s centre-left alliance was a “disaster for Italy and is a threat to the future of the euro”, says Wil…
26 Apr 2006

Will sugar outperform stocks and bonds?

Looking for a sweet investment? The fundamentals for sugar certainly seem to be encouraging. Demand is high and supply is tight - but can its winning …
6 Apr 2006
Stock markets

Can the FTSE 100 keep going past 6,000?

Can the FTSE 100 keep going now that it has breached 6,000? Or is it time for smart investors to bank some of their gains?
5 Apr 2006
Stock markets

Are India and Turkey still worth buying into?

India and Turkey have notched up impressive gains over the last three years. But can they keep it up against a backdrop of rising interest rates?
3 Apr 2006
Stock markets

Is the Australian stock market still a buy?

Last year, Australia's S&P/ASX 200 share index rose nearly 18% – having racked up 30% gains the year before. But is the market still a buy?
29 Mar 2006
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Gamble of the week: a microchip designer

Shares in this bespoke microchip designer traded near £4 in their glory days, but haven’t even been in the region of £1 since 2001.
27 Mar 2006
Stock markets

Gulf stocks still look vulnerable despite slump

Gulf stock markets have undergone a major correction over the past few weeks. But they still look extremely vulnerable, despite attempts to prop them …
27 Mar 2006
Stock markets

Is it time to get out of Japanese stocks?

The Japanese economy is looking good. But with the threat of rising interest rates looming over the stock market, is it time to get out?
24 Mar 2006

Gordon Brown gears up for the premiership

It looks like Gordon Brown is finally set to get his way. If events of the past week are anything to go by, he is now in charge.
23 Mar 2006

What to buy, what to sell: Choosing a fund from the UK All Companies sector

There are nearly 300 funds in the UK All Companies sector. So how can an investor go about choosing which one to put their money into?
23 Mar 2006
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Gamble of the week: a zinc-rich miner

This zinc-rich miner may be a gamble, but investors could stand to make four times their money, according to broker Seymour Pierce.
23 Mar 2006
Stock markets

Why Taiwan's stock market may be a better bet than China's

The Chinese stock market has rallied in recent months. But there are still many problems - which means the Taiwanese market could be a better bet.
22 Mar 2006
Stock markets

Could emerging markets submerge again?

Emerging market returns have been massive over the past three years. But are these levels of gains sustainable in the future?
21 Mar 2006

Are diamonds still worth investing in?

Diamonds might be a girl's best friend - but are they good for investors too? Competition is increasing from synthetic versions is growing - but then,…
21 Mar 2006
Stock markets

Is the FTSE 100 bull about to hit a wall?

The FTSE 100 has quietly risen by nearly 80% since its post-tech boom low back in March 2003. But could a correction be on the horizon?
14 Mar 2006