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Tim graduated with a history degree from Cambridge University in 1989 and, after a year of travelling, joined the financial services firm Ernst and Young in 1990, qualifying as a chartered accountant in 1994.

He then moved into financial markets training, designing and running a variety of courses at graduate level and beyond for a range of organisations including the Securities and Investment Institute and UBS. He joined MoneyWeek in 2007.

Articles written by Tim Bennett

Video tutorial: How investors can be fooled by development costs

How investors can be fooled by development costs

Biotech and pharmaceutical investors, among others, need to watch out for the way firms treat the cost of developing new products, as this can have a big impact on a firm’s results. In his fifth video in the ‘cooking the books’ series, Tim Bennett explains how.


How to beat your emotions when investing

As investors, we are our own worst enemies. We all think we are cleverer than we really are, and let our emotions get the better of us. Usually, we lose money, says Tim Bennett. Here’s how to avoid that.


Can you trust this buy signal?

One of the stock market’s more reliable valuation tools is suggesting stocks are a buy. But beware – while it may have worked in the past, relying on it now looks risky.

30/05/2013 30/05/2013 23/05/2013 23/05/2013 17/05/2013 17/05/2013
How investors can be fooled by provisions

How investors can be fooled by provisions

Tim Bennett takes a look at how companies can manipulate what accountants call ‘provisions’ to create the profit profile they want investors to see. He also explains how you can avoid being fooled.

16/05/2013 13/05/2013
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