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Lars Henriksson


Lars is our resident emerging markets expert, with 17 years of 'on the ground' experience hunting down profit opportunities in Asia.

Lars spent ten years living in Malaysia and Thailand, seeking out strategic opportunities, before moving to London to manage the Oracle Asia Absolute Fund.

In short, Lars has real knowledge of where the opportunities in Asia are. Sign up to his free newsletter, The New World, here.

Articles written by Lars Henriksson

27/02/2013 12/02/2013

Get ready for the flood

A wave of foreign investment has been lured to Southeast Asia on the back of increasingly open business practices. That’s created a wealth of opportunities for investors, says Lars Henriksson.

29/01/2013 15/01/2013 19/12/2012

This is like Shenzen in 1979

Singapore’s economy has outgrown its island. And as with Shenzen in 1979, 2013 could prove a tipping point. That spells opportunity for savvy investors, says Lars Henriksson. Here, he picks the best way to invest in Singapore.


Bangkok’s JFK moment

Southeast Asia is attracting a lot of attention from investors – and for good reason, says Lars Henriksson. Here, he explains how to gain exposure to this exciting market.

21/11/2012 06/11/2012 11/09/2012

Your gateway to the Mekong boom

Bangkok lies at the heart of one of the most strategically important regions in the world, says Lars Henriksson. Here he explains why it’s set to boom, and picks the stocks to profit.

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