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James Ferguson qualified with an MA (Hons) in economics from Edinburgh University in 1985. For the last 21 years he has had a high-powered career in institutional stock broking, specialising in equities, working for Nomura, Robert Fleming, SBC Warburg, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and Mitsubishi Securities.

Articles written by James Ferguson

Here comes the house price crash

Most people are still in denial about the UK property market. But prices are set to crash – and that could crush the whole UK economy. James Ferguson looks at why it’s time to prepare for recession – and picks the best stocks to buy in a downturn.


Top FTSE tips

If you want to make money, there are some simple rules to follows says James Ferguson: go for blue chips with good, sustainable yields.

07/11/2007 31/10/2007 17/10/2007 16/10/2007 16/10/2007 04/10/2007

How to profit from soaring oil prices

By October, the oil price could well have reached $90 a barrel. That might mean sky-high heating bills and even higher petrol prices – but smart investors can turn the situation to their advantage. James Ferguson talks about the best ways to make money from oil.

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