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Eoin came to Money Week in 2006 having graduated with a MLitt in economics from Trinity College, Dublin. He taught economic history for two years at Trinity, while researching a thesis on how herd behaviour destroys financial markets.

Eoin acts as managing editor of MoneyWeek's newsletters.

Articles written by Eoin Gleeson

Cash in on America’s telecoms monopoly

US cable and phone firms are sitting on a hugely valuable asset – the network of fibre-optic cables that carries phone calls, broadband and cable TV to millions of homes across the country. Eoin Gleeson examines the American telecoms industry and picks the best bet in the sector.


Is this really the start of the oil rebound?

With oil around $50 a barrel, drilling rigs lie idle around the world. And, while commodity bulls are convinced oil stocks have priced in the worst, the worst is yet to come. But it’s not all doom and gloom: Eoin Gleeson examines oil services companies, and picks the best stock in the sector.

01/05/2009 24/04/2009

Online gambling: a safe bet?

Many online gambling firms are prospering as punters stay at home during the recession. And now that PartyGaming has reached agreement with the US authorities, the trade can breathe a little more easily. Eoin Gleeson examines the industry, and picks the best bet in the sector.


Why the world needs more oil storage

The oil ‘contango’ – an imbalance between the current and future price of oil – means the world is running out of storage facilities as oil is stockpiled. Eoin Gleeson examines the sector and picks one stock to profit from the phenomenon.


China’s stranglehold on rare metals

China is now the world’s dominant supplier of an obscure group of minerals vital to US industry. Called ‘rare earth’ metals, they could join oil as an emerging-market economic weapon as China chokes supply to suit its own ends. Eoin Gleeson examines the sector, and picks one stock to gamble on.


Profit from the American education drive

As the recession makes many traditional industries obsolete and much of the labour force ‘re-skills’, technical colleges across the US are seeing a rise in enrolments. Eoin Gleeson explores the business of education, and picks the best bets in the sector.


Profit from big pharma’s outsourcing drive

Developing drugs is expensive and time-consuming. But by farming out research and testing to smaller specialists, big firms can relieve the pain and cost of bringing a drug to market. Eoin Gleeson investigates pharmaceutical support services, and picks the best bet in the sector.


Is it time to buy in to Brazil’s thriving utilities?

Brazil’s electricity generating companies are in good shape. The industry has been completely overhauled recently, and the market is forecast to grow at 4.5% a year for the next few years. Eoin Gleeson examines the sector, and picks the best bet for investors.


How fertiliser can help your portfolio grow

Fertiliser manufacturers have been punished by the markets recently, and stock prices have tanked. But they could soon be back on the way up, says Eoin Gleeson. Here, he looks at one vital but very scarce ingredient, and picks the best bet in the sector.

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