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Eoin came to Money Week in 2006 having graduated with a MLitt in economics from Trinity College, Dublin. He taught economic history for two years at Trinity, while researching a thesis on how herd behaviour destroys financial markets.

Eoin acts as managing editor of MoneyWeek's newsletters.

Articles written by Eoin Gleeson


Don’t mention the Trade War

The smell of trade war is suddenly in the air, says the Wall Street Journal. Last Friday night, Barack Obama make a shock move by slapping a 35% tariff on imports of Chinese tyres. And Beijing is incensed. The Chinese are threatening to retaliate by taking their anger out on US chickens and auto parts. Well done Mr Obama, says today’s editorial, “America now has its first protectionist President since Herbert Hoover”.


New aircraft boom will see titanium price take off

Growing trade between Asia and the Middle East has meant new routes for airlines and fresh demand for aeroplanes. And in air transport, the key metal is titanium. Eoin Gleeson looks at the sector and explains how you can get in on the start of a new boom in the metal.


Cash in on medical breakthroughs

Genetics is continuing to revolutionise medicine, and is throwing up some exciting investment opportunities. Eoin Gleeson examines the sector, and picks the best way to cash in.


Turning electrical junk into profit

Electronic waste is the fastest-growing form of rubbish worldwide. And with world governments clamping down on the disposal of used electrical items, it’s becoming a very lucrative business. Eoin Gleeson looks into the sector, and picks the best company to invest in now.


Can solar energy survive a price war?

A fall in demand for solar panels and growth in production facilities heralds a price war in the solar power business as the industry struggles to compete with the cost of coal. Eoin Gleeson looks at the solar power industry, and picks one key stock to watch.


Invest in the future of British gas

Britain currently imports 40% of its gas – much of it from Russia. Soon that will rise to 80%. And unless we invest heavily in energy security, we will be at the mercy of geopolitical whim. Eoin Gleeson examines the gas storage industry, and picks the best bet in the sector.

14/08/2009 07/08/2009

Timber can withstand ill economic winds

Timber is the ultimate crisis-friendly investment: if you don’t like the look of prevailing prices, just leave the trees to grow. And right now, timber is relatively undervalued, says Eoin Gleeson. Here, he examines the sector and finds out the best way to invest.


A canny bet on stem cells, the future of medicine

Stem cells hold enormous potential to revolutionise medicine, and there will be big profits for the biotech companies that develop successful treatments. But the sector is frought with danger for investors. Here, Eoin Gleeson picks the best way to profit from this medical revolution.

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