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Eoin came to Money Week in 2006 having graduated with a MLitt in economics from Trinity College, Dublin. He taught economic history for two years at Trinity, while researching a thesis on how herd behaviour destroys financial markets.

Eoin acts as managing editor of MoneyWeek's newsletters.

Articles written by Eoin Gleeson

The best tech stocks to buy now

With Cisco’s $2.9bn acquisition of wireless group Starent Networks, the long-awaited tech buyout frenzy has finally started. And with plenty of thriving companies to choose from, it’s easy to see why investors are so excited.

19/10/2009 16/10/2009

Shell’s floating LNG facility – they’re going to need a bigger boat

Just when gas traders thought America had all the gas reserves it could handle, Royal Dutch Shell announces plans to build the world’s first floating liquefied natural gas facility, a landmark project that could “unlock dozens of strained gas fields that are too remote to be developed”.


Two hot plays on natural gas

It’s been a tough year for gas traders, and gas prices will remain low for some time yet. But you can still make money from natural gas. Here, Eoin Gleeson picks two interesting stocks.


How to profit from molybdenum

There is one metal that China has not yet cornered the market in: molybdenum, which makes steel resistant to corrosion and extreme heat. But China wants control of that, too. Eoin Gleeson examines the sector, and explains the best way to profit from molybdenum.


How to profit from China’s land grab

2009 looked like it was going to be a quiet year for the Chinese Investment Corporation, China’s main sovereign wealth fund. Compared to the $8bn it shelled out in 2007, it seemed to have lost its appetite for spending. But not anymore. Here’s how to cash in on their spending spree.


Eight growth industries of the future to buy into now

“I want to say one word to you. Just one word,” Mr McGuire told Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. “Plastics – there is a great future in plastics”.

It wasn’t bad advice as it turns out. But if you had to give the same advice to a graduate brooding on the future today, what would you say? Barry Ritholtz thinks he has the answer – nano technology.


How to make money from US healthcare

It’s angry-mob time again. After a summer of fulminating against evil bankers and tacky politicians, we have a new group of villains to wring our hands over – healthcare executives. But there is one ray of light in the sector, where investors can put their money with a clear conscience.


Explorers strike black gold

As the price of oil spiked two years ago, the industry began scouring remote reaches of the ocean to find new reserves. and now, oil explorers have recently made some significant discoveries. Eoin Gleeson investigates, and picks the best ways to invest in the new oil boom.


Don’t lose out in Gordon’s nuclear fire sale

It’s been ten years since Gordon Brown flogged the Bank of England’s gold. And still he hasn’t learned his lesson. This week Gordon went fire sale crazy all over again by selling off the commercial arm of the UK Atomic Energy Authority – one of the few useful arms the government had left.

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