Money Minute Monday 11 November: a busy week for UK economic data

Today's Money Minute looks ahead to a week that includes GDP figures, employment data and inflation.

It's a very busy week for UK economic data. This will almost certainly draw even more press attention than usual, given the looming election.

Today we get British GDP figures for the third quarter. This is the preliminary estimate, which is frequently revised once more data is available.Despite fears of a potential slide into recession earlier in the year, the UK's GDP is now expected to have grown by about 0.3% during the three months through September.

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Then, on Tuesday, we get the latest employment data.The labour market remains very strong, with wages rising, and employment levels near record highs.However, there have been signs in recent months that the labour market might be slowing. So analysts will be watching the latest data closely for signs of weakness.

And on Wednesday we get the latest inflation data for the UK too.Inflation has been tame in recent months, hovering around the Bank of England's 2% target level.




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