Five questions for: Edward Hancock, Founder of The Cheese Geek

dward Hancock, Founder of The Cheese Geek

What does your firm do?

The Cheese Geek is a modern cheesemonger selling a cheese experience online. Rather than just sending people cheese, we create a connection between our customers and their cheese, creating a journey as opposed to just a purchase. We provide information and tips on each cheese the customers receive, as well as the best order in which to eat them. Our technology ensures every subscriber has a unique experience, and with our website, app and loyalty scheme, we aim to make sure buying cheese is as fun and easy as eating it.

What’s been your company’s greatest achievement so far?

Developing the world’s first ever cheese retail app along with our amazing cheese allocation software, “Cassie”, which ensures subscribers get a personalised and curated cheese journey that is also scalable for us as a business.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Finding suppliers, partners and collaborators that are as passionate and driven as we are. We changed our delivery partners the week before Christmas, our busiest period, because we felt they were providing our customers with a sub-optimal service. That was a big risk, but it paid off.

What are your plans for hitting your targets?

The past 18 months have been a process of getting our product perfect, from ordering to eating, so we expect to get a lot of word-of-mouth referrals as well as repeat business. We are also expanding our offering into the corporate sector, particularly corporate gifting, and the launch of our app will provide plenty of momentum and reach. Brand development will be a huge driver of our success.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give fellow entrepreneurs?

Be bold, and do things your own way. From the start, we have had a clear vision of how we, as customers, would want the product to be, and we have followed that instinct. Our branding, tone and approach is all 100% us, which we think resonates with customers. After all, we are ultimately all massive cheese geeks.