Fujifilm X-T3: cutting-edge camera for enthusiasts

Fujifilm X-T3

If you want better photos than the ones you get on your smartphone, consider Fujifilm’s X-T3. 

As the cameras on smartphones get ever-more impressive, many people believe that dedicated cameras may end up going the way of CD players and iPods. But phone cameras still suffer from mediocre image quality, poor performance when light is low, slow focus and fixed focal lengths (which means that if you want to zoom in, you have to accept a reduced image quality). So there is a place in the market for stylish, feature-packed cameras that deliver incredible image quality. Fujifilm’s X-T3, released towards the end of last year, is a good example.

The X-T3 is a mirrorless camera, which means that it is thinner and smaller than most traditional high-end Fujifilm X-T3cameras (known as DSLRs). Indeed, it is just about possible to squeeze its body into a suit pocket, or the body and lens into a large coat (though this is not recommended). Yet it is not in any way insubstantial or flimsy – quite the opposite. The X-T3 is made out of metal and is weather-sealed, and has an elegant retro design, with a large number of dials on the top, allowing you to adjust everything from the shutter speed to the shooting mode.

More importantly, the quality of both the still images and video is excellent, even in low light. I have used it to take photos of an afternoon in Greenwich Park and a writers’ group in a dimly-lit pub, and it focused fast and accurately, producing photos that were both clear and sharp. Similarly, a recording of a one-man show shot from the back of a pub theatre in Islington produced some outstanding footage. Mirrorless cameras have a reputation for having a limited battery life, but it is possible to get more than 1,200 individual shots on a single charge. The X-T3 also has a huge range of features, such as simulation modes, which allow you to replicate the look of film. You can tweak everything from the colour to the amount of noise reduction that the camera will apply.

Dedicated photographers and enthusiasts who want to treat themselves to the cutting edge in photography won’t regret spending the extra cash on this excellent camera. A budget version, the X-T30, is released next month.

Body: £1,349 With 18-55mm F2.8-4 lens: £1,699