Ninja H2 SX: wonderful excess from Kawasaki

Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX

The enormously powerful Ninja H2 SX is also a great all-rounder. Sarah Moore reports.

Kawasaki fans need not worry that the horsepower king has abdicated his throne, says Arthur Coldwells on Ultimate Motorcycling. The all-new supercharged Ninja H2 SX is in showrooms and, yes, it is “enormously powerful”. The bike, the third iteration of Kawasaki’s flagship model, is a “mix of crazy speed and comfort”, says Jesse Kiser on The Drive. Like its convoluted name, the bike was a conundrum when first introduced. It’s a sport bike with touring features, 200 horsepower, tons of electronics and a supercharger. It is, in short, “wonderfully excessive”.

The H2 has been completely reworked and refined for comfort and everyday rider friendliness, says Matt Neundorf on Gear Patrol. That translates as ergonomics revised for a less aggressive riding position, an added rear seat to share in the fun and 58 litres of luggage-carrying capacity for extended jaunts. But “don’t let the civilities fool you”. This is a seriously powerful bike.

At the kind of speeds available, you’ll be accompanied by a symphony of sounds as the supercharger whistles and then chirps during aggressive downshifts, says Kiser. The forced induction from the supercharger allows for improved fuel economy too, but I’ll wager not too many buyers will have that very high on their priority list, says Coldwells. “That’s nice,” they’ll mutter to themselves as they lean forward behind the bubble, wrench the throttle open, and slingshot over the horizon with an ear-to-ear grin.

There are bikes out there for the same price (from £15,099) with similar, if not more, power, says Kiser, but none with the versatility of the H2 SX. To best understand what it is, “you must understand what it does well: everything”.