Innovative Finance Isas available to invest in now

Innovative Finance Isas have been around since April 2016, but are only now becoming widely available. Here, we present a comprehensive list of IFIsas available to invest in now.

Innovative Finance Isas have been around since April 2016, but are only just becoming widely available. But there are now plenty of options you can invest in the usual P2P loans to individuals or businesses and lend money to fund commercial or buy-to-let properties, community energy projects, invoice financing (providing working capital to small businesses), or even prodiving off-grid solar power in Africa. See below for a comprehensive list of IFIsas available to invest in now.

Innovative Finance Isas
ProviderExpected returnTermMin investmentNotes
Ablrate10%-15%Variable£100Asset-backed business loans
Abundance InvestmentsUp 8%Variable Renewable energy
Amberside5%Variable£100Energy and infrastructure
Archover"up to"10%Up to 3 years£1,000Business loans
Assetz Capital4.1%-5.75%Variable£1Various
Capitalrise8-10% £1,000Property
Crowd For Angels4%5 years SME bonds
Crowd2Fund6-15%1-5 years SME loans
CrowdProperty8% £500Property
Crowdstacker4-7.25%2-4 years£500Business loans
Downing2.25-7%Variable Asset backed bonds
EasyMoney8%3-24 months£1,000Property
Funding Circle4-6.5% £1,000Business loans - Open to current investors only
Funding Secureup to 16% £25Subprime asset-backed lending
HNW LendingNot stated  Asset-backed lending to individuals and businesses
House Crowd5-7%Min 3 years£1,000Property
Kuflink5-7%1, 3 or 5 yrs Property
LandlordInvest12% £100Property
Lendahandup to 7%2 years£50Projects in developing Africa
Lending Crowd4.9-5.95%Up to 6 years£20SME loans
Lending Works5.4%3-5 years Personal loans
Money & Co7%  Business loans
Octopus Choice4%Varible Property
Property Crowdup to 11%10-15 mths Commerical property
Proplend5-12%  Commercial property
RatesetterUp to 4%Up to 5 years Business loans
Rebuildingsociety8%+ £10SME loans. 5% early withdrawal fee
RelendexUp to 11%  Property
Triodos Bank5-7%6-17 years£100-£500Renewable energy and ethical businesses
Welendusup to15% £100Personal loans
Zopa3.4%-6%  Personal loans


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