Looking over the shoulder of a fund manager

Cover of Deep Value Investing: Finding Bargain Shares with Big PotentialDeep Value Investing: Finding Bargain Shares with Big Potential
By Jeroen Bos
Published by Harriman House, £29.99
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Over the past decade, value investing – put simply, buying cheap stocks – has languished in the shadow of growth strategies (buying the likes of Amazon, say). But with interest rates rising and economic storm clouds forming, it may be time for strategies that focus on “bargain shares with big potential” to bounce back.

Bos, a fund manager by trade, uses the introduction and the first two chapters to explain what deep value investing is, how it differs from more conventional value strategies, and what he looks for when buying a share. The rest is dedicated to practical examples of shares that he has previously bought. As you might expect, he focuses mostly on his successes, but he’s also open enough to cover several of his failures and what they taught him.

Each chapter explores the background of the company in question, his rationale for buying and what happened next, including his reason for selling. The book also includes an introduction by MoneyWeek’s own Merryn Somerset Webb.

Most investment guides focus on general principles, so the level of detail Bos goes into makes a refreshing change. In all, it is like being able to look over the shoulder of a fund manager while he makes his decisions. Even at almost £30, this book is excellent value.